1869 Letter To T.J. Nabers From Brasheare

Dora Nabers Greene, another daughter of Thomas Jefferson and Lucy Nabers

Dora Nabers Greene, another daughter of Thomas Jefferson and Lucy Nabers

The following letter was written in 1869 to Thomas Jefferson Nabers in Comanche County from his son-in-law. Although I have tried to type it exactly as it is written, I have taken the liberty of breaking it into paragraphs. In the style of the day, it was originally written as all one paragraph.

The letter itself is dated January 3, 1869, but the envelope is dated January 26. It is addressed to T.J. Nabers, esquire and is signed by S.R. G. M. Brasheare.

Dear father and mother,

yours of the 25th of November came to hand yesterday which gave us real pleasure to read and to hear you was all enjoying good health as we had almost come to the conclusion you have forgotten us but knowing how unreliable the mailes were we still hoped to hear and at last the long looked for and welcomed missive came. _______with glad tidings us all’s well which is music to the absent coming from loved ones at home.

Well, I suppose you would like to hear how the yearlings are “getting on”. I have lost a good many of my young cattle since I got in here so late Gitting in that the young cattle was ________ then and the winter set in unusually early here and was hard on the first of December to snow fell about 12 inches deep and lasted three weeks but ____________ all gone off and the weather is some better and the cattle is doing very well.

I am feeding a hundred head of steers. I was _______ _____, what corn they will eat and buying hogs to feed with them! I want 100 head of hogs they are very scarce though in the country and high the kind of hogs I want is worth from to 6-1/2 center per pound to 8 cents but ____ _____ thinks the spring market will be good crops and some think 1 0 cents if I have any luck in selling hogs the gain on the hogs will come very near paying for the corn I am feeding my cattle they will be good fix for ______ and by the first or 15th of June will bring me 5- 6 cents per pound ______ and make an average of $40 per head.

My other cattle I am feeding what ______ they will eat and they are looking very well. They will cost about $4 per head to winter them and they will bring me an average of $55 per head by the first of August but it is not my intention to remain here longer than the first of March if the weather is so I can travel as I _____ to get someone in with me and come out early and bring in a drove of large cattle. I think they can be got in here by the first of September and by the first of _______ will be in fine fix for the markets.

By the time you receive this I suppose Albert will have got back and sent back money enough to pay for all of our debts in Comanche County. I can’t tell what my “box” will bring me that I had packed as I have not got my _______ yet but my beef is still going up and meat of any kind is very high, I believe this is about all the news I have worth mentioning.

I was sorry to hear that the indians were still depradating on our county and citizens. Pa thinks very strong of coming to Texas next fall and several others speak of coming out and I think Texas will suit me very well. I had never fully determined to make my home in Texas until this winter. I think this country is too cold for me but I think the climate agrees with ______ exceedingly well for she is hardy as a wood sawer and she is gaining flesh very fast.

I can assure you I want you to write me in your next whether you think ________ can get a 1000 or 1500 head of good beaves in Comanche, Brown and Coleman Counties for I am done with young cattle it takes too much time and trouble to get them into market but when they go through the winter this will command as good a price as any cattle.

I have not had a heap of pleasure time since I got here and _______ has had the blues for some time. She say I never stay at home any time and she says she is lonesome. I tell her I am making a living for her and our children (that is to be) and she pouts and I laugh at her.

Well Fannie? [Jennie?] as all the boys and girls is marrying how do you feel on the subject. Don’t you feel as though you was destined to the lot of single blessedness. Oh but I had forgotten how is Frank’s new ________ venture_____ with his bow and quiver that already darted the shaft deep into my sister’s heart and left it quivering with the ______ of first love and by the time we get back you will present us with a brother.

If such should be the case you have my best wishes for your _____ through life and may no cloud ever arise to mar thy happiness of thy conubial _______ bliss. Well enough and you would like for me to bring you a ______ if hit was not too expensive. And if you are not married by the time I get back I shall bring you one as it will not be very expensive. I shall bring several ________ if one of my steers will sell I will not charge you much

Father if you can have me a lot of boards made by the 15th of April, enough to cover a house of two rooms 15 X 15 feet. You can get _____ Carns [Carnes?] and Kile. I never thought to mention it to Kile before he left. You will oblige me by having them made by that time if you can do so.

I will close and give my love to all and Kile’s mammy I never saw her keep ______ for herself but Mary says she must ____ you for her. So nothing more at present.

We remain your affectionate children

S.R. G. M. Brasheare  [Mary Ann’s husband.]

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