1920s Proctor High School Basketball Team

I recently received an email from my cousin, Lavoy Langley Masters, telling me that the article on Tex Nabors reminded her that her own mom, Ella Davis Langley, was no slouch as a basketball player either!

1928 Girls Basketball, Proctor, Texas

1928 Girls Basketball, Proctor, Texas

I’m hoping some of you can help me on the names of these girls. I know that my grandfather’s sister, my aunt Ella who was a guard, is pictured kneeling on the front right of the photo. Lavoy also knew the names of the others, but she did not know which name went with which girl.

Velma H. (guard), Johnie S. (guard) , Kathlene T. (forward), Cleatis H. (forward), Emma W. (center), Jackie F. (center), and the coach was Alice Sloan.

The note from Lavoy:   Hi, Fredda, I enjoyed the story about Tex Nabors. It reminded me that you had an aunt who was known as quite a basketball player herself. She played guard. She went to high school in Proctor, and they had a good team. Mother loved playing, but when they started wearing clothing that she felt was “improper,” she quit!

In Comanche, after a game that I played in, a woman came up and asked me if I was Ella Davis’ daughter, and I said that I was. She told me that “she was the best basketball player I ever saw…” I did not think to ask her who she was so I could tell mother. -Lavoy

*Since posting, I’ve been told via comment box below, that the girl in the center, holding the ball, is none other than our Nurse Eades!

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10 Responses to 1920s Proctor High School Basketball Team

  1. Ruth Cattles Cottrell says:

    The Kathleen T. in the picture is actually the girl in the front row holding the ball. Her name – Kathleen Torrence – better know to Comanche as our beloved Nurse Eads, Aunt Kate, Kathleen Eads.

  2. Penny Hamilton says:

    Of course, I can see it so clearly! Loved her so much. Such a great friend to my mother and all of us!

  3. In the 1928 Proctor basketball picture, Alice Sloan (Scott) who is listed as coach is shown in the center of the back row. I recognized her before reading the list of names as she was my mother. She spoke often and fondly of Kathleen Eads

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      I’m so glad you found her! But was she actually the coach?

      • I’m sure she was not a student at Proctor as her own school years were in Comanche. I knew she taught at Proctor in early 20s before marrying Roger Murray Scott (my father) but she never mentioned being a basketball coach. I believe she also taught Home Ec at Comyn for a few years after getting married. When she spoke of Proctor, I got the impression she taught more general subjects there. In 1928, she would have been 22 y/o. She did say many of her students were older than she was. She completed John Tarleton in 1925 and then took summer courses at Denton while still teaching at Proctor. One of her Proctor students used to call her each year. I don’t know his name because he always called himself the “mayor” of the little east Texas town he lived in.

  4. Mary Peacock says:

    My friend, Jane Scott Hanes, found her mom, Alice Sloan in this picture as coach! She was thrilled!

  5. Gail Johnson says:

    Was so neat to see this picture a friend posted from
    Your site. My grandmother is on the top left
    Her name is Emma Woolsey.
    Thanks so much for sharing

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