2012 At Brennan Vineyards In Comanche, Texas

2012 has started off to be a great year for Brennan Vineyards. About a week ago the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition results were announced. We are very pleased to announce that we won two Gold Medals and one Silver Medal.

The two Golds were for the 2010 Austin St. Comanche Rose and the 2009 Brennan Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon (not yet released to the public). The Silver Medal was awarded to our 2010 Brennan Vineyards Viognier.

The results can viewed at www.winejudging.com.

One other notable mention from that competition was that Lone Oak Winery located in Burleson, Texas won a Double-Gold Medal for their 2010 Viognier. I bring that up for two reason. First Lone Oak is one of our partners in 4.0 Cellars and second about 1/3 of the Viognier grapes that made that wine were grown at our vineyard here in Comanche.

I have also been busy in the winery. Last week I made our 2009 Portejas (port style wine). The Brennan Vineyard Portejas is only available in the tasting room. The 2008 Portejas has been a nice addition to the wines we make here at Brennan Vineyards.

I only make a small amount each year. The 2008 was only 2 barrels (120 gallons) and the 2009 will be 4 barrels (240 gallons). Check out our website at www.brennanvineyards.com to see our new tasting room hours.

About Todd Webster

Accomplished winemaker, Todd Webster, began his career in the wine business as Operations Manager for a distributor in Fort Worth. It was in that capacity that he met Trellise and Pat Brennan. He joined Brennan Vineyards and began his formal education in Viticulture and Enology at Grayson College and Texas Tech University. Todd plans to begin the Enology Certificate Program at Washington State University next year.
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