• 4 Ingredient Crock Pot Chocolate Chip Cake

    I don’t usually try new recipes here on TU, but this one caught my attention although most of the time I am disappointed with anything that begins with a mix. BUT…brownie mix is usually good…so here goes! Be sure to read to the bottom, and  will tell you what I think about this one.


    1 box Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix (I used 18.3 oz. family size.)
    1/2 cup Butter, melted
    4 eggs
    1 pouch Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix (I used 17.5 oz. size.)
    Ice Cream or Whipped Cream


    The truth is that no one gave me directions for this so I’m making it up as I go. Since I do have another delicious Chocolate Crock Pot Cake recipe that I make, I’m going to spray my crock pot and preheat it on low.

    1. Mix brownie mix, butter, and eggs together.  I actually did it by hand to save the mess.

    2. Stir in cookie mix.

    3. Pour into crock pot. I didn’t even know which of mine to use so I opted for the oldest and the smallest…those original pots that I’m guessing hold about 2 quarts. Put a paper towel over the top before putting the lid on it.

    4. Since I think you will want this very moist, I wouldn’t cook over 4 hours.

    So what did we think? It’s very good, but it is not any better than my Crock Pot Chocolate Pudding Cake.  In fact, I probably prefer that one over this. Of course, this cake has fewer ingredients, and two of those are in the form of a mix, which does make it simple.

    Because this is a bigger cake, and because I used the small crock pot, this one will work better for when I need to put it on and then be gone a few hours. However, I think after about 4 hours, this one will be dry so don’t stay gone too long!  It is definitely very good, and I think we preferred the ice cream to whipped cream.

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