A Glimpse Into Early Dublin, Erath County, Texas

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then I find an open window through which I shamelessly peep. That was the case recently when I found the following, written by Sarah Catherine Lattimore about early days in the Dublin, Texas area.*

Sarah Catherine Shivers Lattimore

Sarah Catherine Shivers Lattimore

“Little was attempted besides cattle raising. They just brought their stock, turned them lose and then went to hunting them. The settlers first work was to provide a cow pen. The milk of his cows was a very necessary part of the sustenance of his family. He next busied himself in getting poles from the low trees of the country wherewith to build a home for wife and children.

“Sometimes there would be a puncheon floor, but fully as often there was no floor but the bare earth. As soon as possible ‘little patches’ would be enclosed wherein corn and garden stuff would be raised…Because oxen were less valued by the Indians [than horses] and therefore less liable to seizure by them, they were much used as draught animals.”

Sarah was born in 1841 in Alabama. She died in 1917 in Dublin, Texas.

*Incidents In The History Of Dublin, 1914, pp. 5-6.

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