• A New Weekly Series! Meet: Sambo

    Okay… no one likes a sad story. We know that. BUT, unfortunately, sadness is a part of life. The cool thing about these sad stories is that they don’t have to remain sad. It’s kind of like those “Choose Your Adventure” books from when you were a kid. Remember those? Basically, the reader got to choose how the story ends. And, well… the same goes for these stories. You can make it a “happily ever after” if you want to!

    So, on to our new series… We have teamed up with some folks at the Comanche Animal Shelter in an effort to help get each and every pet that comes through their doors placed in a new home. Even if you’re not in the market for a new pet, KEEP READING! Y’all, this is a tough gig. And, the folks there at the shelter have got some serious heart and compassion for these furry friends. Let’s help them any way we know how!

    Our very first featured friend is Sambo!


    Breed: Lab/Pitt Mix

    Age: Estimated at 2 yrs.

    Spayed/Neutered? No

    Kid Friendly: Yes (limited observation)

    Dog Friendly: Yes

    Cat Friendly: Yes

    Adoption Fee: $49 (includes neutering, dog tags, & rabies shot)

    For More Info: 325-356-5685

    Available for Adoption: Monday-Friday 7:30-8:30 am, 12-1 pm, 4-4:30 pm




    We’re told that Sambo is a hambo. Okay, I made that up. But, it sounds like he’s a hambo. And, maybe the word “hambo” is not a part of your vocabulary. But, in my family, it means someone who is all around loving, fun, goofy & silly. Look at the big ol’ goofy puppy grin on his face… wouldn’t you agree?

    Melissa Sones photographs all the animals that come into the shelter, and she’s taken a particular liking to Sambo. Each visit to the shelter, she’s usually able to bring her kiddos, so she gets to see first hand how the animals behave around children. In her estimation, Sambo is excellent!

    Like so many dogs, Sambo just wants some lovins! He’s eager to interact, play, and get some affection. Melissa says he perks up whenever he hears her voice and is anxious to get out and play when she gets there.

    Here’s where he steals my heart and makes me giggle. Apparently, Sambo has no time for cats. Uninterested? Yep. He turns his nose up to the kitties. This is straight from Melissa:

    When I get him out of his cage, we walk by several cats. (John likes to let one out to be the ‘shelter kitty’ while the gates are open.) The current kitty walks right into the corral and rubs against our legs! I try to ‘shooo’ him away… and we hold our breaths that the dog won’t start a chase! But, Sambo just looked at him with a bored look.

    Ha! I love it. Laid back, easy going, loyal, loving, trustworthy, and… snobby? I guess when it comes to cats, that’s a good place for a dog to be a snob, eh?

    So, folks, how ’bout it? Is Sambo the right fit for you? Sadly, Sambo has reached the max length of stay allowed at the shelter. Thankfully, he was given one more week. But y’all, his time is just nearly up. Will you choose to give this story a happy ending? *nudge, nudge*

    If you just aren’t in the market for a new dog, maybe you know someone who is? Maybe you can pass this puppy bio along to a friend? Share it on Facebook or Twitter? Let’s make this a success story!

    Other ways to help: monetary donations are always welcome. Please contact John McCormick at 325-356-5685 for information on how to make a financial contribution that will directly aid these furry friends in need! Also, always needed and welcomed are donations of both dog and cat food as well as kitty litter. So, see? Aren’t you glad you kept reading? Now you know how YOU can help even though you don’t need a new pet. :)


    Shelter hours are as follows:

    Monday thru Friday: 7:30-8:30 am, 12-1 pm, 4-430 pm

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