• A Study On Analyzing Old Photographs

    JANELLA-300x199Mark you April Calendar for April 20, 2013 – lots of good things happening!!

    Our own genealogy and photography expert, Tom Rogers, has agreed to present a power point program on Analyzing Old Photographs. This has been a much requested program – we need for all possible members to attend! Visitors are welcome to join us; as it will be of interest to all who have “inherited” a box of old photographs – or are just curious about them.

    Participants are invited to bring their old pictures to have them discussed and analyzed.

    The meeting will be held in the Clay Room of the Dublin Public Library at 2 pm.

    As most of you know, our long term participant and editor of the Journal (news letter), Sandra Thomas, has resigned. She worked very hard to get out April News Journal printed before she left. It will be passed out at the April meeting. Journals will be mailed to those who live out of the area and were unable to attend after the meeting.

    Our newsletter for April, will feature articles on The Barbee Cabin and an article by Winnie Rasberry on on growing up in the the old cabin during the 1930’s; as well as, it continues the marriage records by Marilyn Ewers and the the community stories by Janella Hendon.

    I am happy to announce that two of our members have stepped up to take over editing the news Journal. Our members, Martha Starnes and Sheryl Rascher, are studying hard to get the materials and format ready for the October issue. They are also typing away to get the rest of Marilyn’s Marriage Records indexed and ready to print in the Journal or perhaps in a booklet by them selves.

    Tom Rogers is working on an article about his ancestor, Nancy Turnbow Gilbreath Barbee – one of the strongest pioneer women we have located.

    Since it is often hard to get materials on the women, we are trying to collect stories about strong pioneer women.

    Do you have one in your past that you would like to write about?

    Since the January meeting was postponed until February, the dues have been somewhat slow in coming in this time. Please check your records to see if you are current on your dues.

    Remember this is Confederate History Month. It is a good time to try to locate those extra facts about this period in our history.

    I would like to congratulated, Joyce Whitis, Sheri Knight, and others on this Sunday’s issue of of the Stephenville Empire Tribune newspaper – lots of good historical facts and reporting on this area. Those of you that did not see it in the paper, will
    want to check it out on the newspaper online site!

    Hope to see you at the meeting!!

    Janella Hendon
    President, ECGS

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