ACLU Kills Daddy Daughter Dance

Just when you think you’ve heard it all…along comes the ACLU with something more ridiculous than the thing before, and you’re left with your mouth open once again. Who knew that a Daddy Daughter Dance is….well what exactly is it to raise the ire of the ACLU?  I don’t know, but Cranston, Rhode Island public schools are running scared, banning all such dances from public school buildings.

“The new superintendent of Cranston schools, Dr. Judith Lundsten, issued a letter in August banning all ‘gender specific events’ at the school because of a complaint from the ACLU last May.

“‘This is 2012 and they [public schools] should not be in the business of fostering blatant gender stereotypes,’” Steven Brown of the RI ACLU told the WPRO Morning News with Tara Granahan and Andrew Gobeil.

“‘In 2012 not every girl necessarily wants to grow up and be Cinderella, some might actually like to go out on the baseball field and a public school of all places should not be suggesting otherwise,’” said the ACLU’s Brown. Read More…

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung brought at least some voice of reason into the situation by saying that he was “utterly disappointed” that the superintendent caved into political correctness.

Apparently the ACLU complaint was brought on behalf of a single mom whose daughter had no father to take her to the dance. I assume the mom also had no friend, no brother, no uncle, or no anyone else who would have agreed to take the child since somehow I feel sure that any of these male figures would have been welcome at the school. Read More…

Don’t get me wrong; it’s a shame the little girl has no father. It’s also a shame that we continue to knuckle under as we give up one freedom after another in this country.

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