Alarm Creek In Erath County Who Named It?


It is always fun to learn why something carries a particular name, and Alarm Creek in Erath County has always interested me. According to the Texas State Historical Commission, the creek was named when Major George B. Erath and a group of surveyors camped there while promising to sound the alarm should they see Indians.

Of course there is always a second story as to why things carry certain names. The one I especially enjoy happened about 1862 in Erath County when a young boy made a ride down the creek that would equal that of Paul Revere, warning settlers that over 300 Indians were bearing down upon them.

It did not take the settlers long to grab their families and make a run for the town of Dublin where they stayed for some days, never seeing an Indian. Some days later the settlers determined that it was all a false alarm and they returned home after having named the creek Alarm Creek.

Do I have personal knowledge as to how the creek received its name? I absolutely do not, but it is fun to speculate, isn’t it?

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5 Responses to Alarm Creek In Erath County Who Named It?

  1. Treva Bouquet says:

    Fredda, Hi I just wanted to let you know Texas County Veterans, has been hard at work we are now in 12 counties and are spreading across Texas fast. chk us out at Here is Walts phone number if you would like more information. 254 592 5769. Thank You for your time. Treva Bouquet

  2. Janella Hendon says:

    I like this story better than the first one that I have always heard!! I don’t have any info except what different ones have written.

  3. Janella Hendon says:

    This area is rich in history! We included it in a Journal awhile back. My favorite is when two groups of vigilantes all lined up in the area to fight each other. Rev. Ross arrived just in time to prevent the massacre that would have followed. As one writer put it — It was all because of a newly branded calf being caught on the wrong side of a newly built fence.

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