Alexander Delbert & James Elbert Scott b. 1904 Brown County

The following information was provided by Carolyn Guthrie McCowen and Marie LeBlanc Walker.

Delbert and Eula and 3 of the children

Delbert and Eula and 3 of the children

Alexander Delbert Scott was born November 25, 1904, in Brown County, Texas and was the fourth of the eight children born to James Newton Scott and Ruby Lillian (Woods) Scott. He was followed closely into this world by the birth of his identical twin brother, James Elbert Scott. They were very close their entire life.

Delbert lived with his family on the Bryson Ranch in Comanche County and attended the Brysonville School. He met Eula “Tine” Carson, and they were married August 26, 1922. Eula was the daughter of Samuel David Carson and Eulala G. (Dunn) Carson and was born June 10, 1904, in Mills County, Texas. She came from a large family and was the eleventh of twelve children. Eula was also a twin and, including herself and Sam Carson, her twin brother, there were three sets of twins born into the Carson family.

After Delbert and Eula married, they lived on the Bryson Ranch, close to other members of the Scott Family. It was here that they had their four children.

1. Eula Mary (Scott) McCullough (2-21-1923, Comanche County, Texas; 6-01-1995, Midland, Midland County, Texas, Pendergrass Cemetery, Sidney, Texas)
2. Ruby Lalah (Scott) Shirley (5-06-1924, Comanche County, Texas; 7-09-1998, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, Ash Creek Cemetery, Azle, Texas)
3. Daniel Emmitt Scott (12-19-1925, Comanche County, Texas; 6-05-1981, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, Pendergrass Cemetery, Sidney, Texas)
4. Robert Delmar Scott (10-18-1927, Comanche County, Texas; 10-22-1927, Comanche, Comanche County, Texas, White Point Cemetery, Comanche County)

The Scott children attended the Brysonville School until 1936, when Delbert and Eula bought seventy-six and one-half acres, a farm two miles west of Sidney, Texas (1251 CR 165). They became a part of the community and established many lifelong friendships. Delbert became a member of the Odd Fellow Lodge in Comanche.

In addition to farming, he also did carpenter work for income. Their children all graduated from Sidney High School. Later in years, J. Newt and Ruby Scott’s children built a house on Delbert and Eula’s farm in Sidney, and this home became a place for many family gatherings and reunions.

In 1950, Delbert and Eula still owned the farm at Sidney but moved to Fort Worth with their daughter, Ruby, and her two girls, Carolyn and Paula Guthrie. Delbert and his daughter, Ruby, went to work at Consolidated Aircraft Plant (Lockheed-Martin). In 1954, Delbert and Eula moved back to the farm with their two granddaughters, and Ruby remained in Fort Worth to work and help support the family.

On the farm, Delbert and Eula raised crops, livestock, and grandchildren. They provided a very loving home where everyone always felt welcome. The children were taught that God always comes first, the importance of family, respect for others, and that a persons’ good character is his greatest virtue. “It was a wonderful place to grow-up.”

In 1961, Delbert and Eula sold the farm (two miles west of Sidney) and moved into a home in downtown Sidney, next door to his twin brother, Elbert. For many years Delbert and Eula were called “POP”and “NANNY” by their four children, ten grandchildren, eighteen great-grandchildren, and twenty-six great-great-grandchildren.

On June 20,1969, Delbert passed away in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, while visiting with loved ones. After his death, Eula moved to Fort Worth to be near family. She passed away in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas on November 16, 1999. They are both buried in the White Point Cemetery in Comanche County, Texas. Some of their descendants still live and own property in Comanche County.

Elbert and Betty Jo

Elbert and Betty Jo

James Elbert Scott was born at Steppe Creek, Brown County, Texas on November 25, 1904. He was the fifth of the eight children born to James Newton (12-18-1871; 8-23-1949) and Ruby Lillian (Woods) Scott (1-01-1875; 5-02-1952). He was preceded into this world by just minutes by his identical twin brother, Alexander Delbert (11-25-1904; 6-20-1969). When he was about ten-years-old, the family moved to the Bryson Ranch in Comanche County where the family lived, farmed, worked hard, and enjoyed life.

At the age of nineteen, Elbert married Alice Melba Wheat on December 24, 1923. Alice (8-02-1906; 4-29-1931) was the daughter of Rose Anna (Hulsey) Wheat (11-23-1880; 11-05-1939) and James Syrus “Sy” Wheat (11-01-1877; 5-06-1968) and the third of eight children. This marriage produced four boys:

(1) Elbert Newton “Junior” (10-23-1924, Comanche County; 11-22-2004, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Greenwood Memorial Park, Fort Worth, Texas) married Betty Jo Mitchell (9-21-1926) on July 17, 1943, in Eastland, Eastland County, Texas).

(2) James Delbert “J.D.” (5-07-1926, Comanche County; 8-18-2005, Brownwood, Brown County, Stag Creek Cemetery, Sidney, Comanche County, Texas) married Mary Jo LaRoque (2-28-1928) on October 4, 1943, in Rising Star, Eastland County, Texas.

(3) Bryan Lee (10-26-1927, Comanche County; 8-10-2005, Tyler, Smith County, Highland Cemetery, Deport, Lamar County, Texas) married Lois Virginia Wilson (9-30-1923) on January 6, 1945.

(4) Charles Rudolph “Jack” (2-02-1930, Brownwood, Brown County, Texas) married Laura Nell Ralstin (10-22-1929; 9-10-1996), divorced 1966, and married Betty LaVon Shanafelt (6-01-1932); they currently reside in Arroyo Grande, California.

Alice died on April 29, 1931, and left Elbert with four young boys. The boys moved in with his parents, Newt and Ruby Scott, for two years until Elbert married Gertrude Robertson (3-25-1914; 2-17-1984) in Comanche County on January 22, 1933. She was the daughter of Nellie Gray (Hodge) Robertson (4-07-1877; 10-15-1960) and Samuel Robertson (11-13-1869; 6-19-1939) whose family also resided on the Bryson Ranch.

This union produced seven children:

(1) Edna Earl Scott (5-24-1933, Comanche County) married Jimmie Carol Harrison (8-19, 1930) on June 27, 1956 in Port Arthur, Jefferson County and currently resides in College Station, Texas.

(2) Doris Laurene Scott (7-28-1934, Comanche County; 6-14-2000, Houston, Harris County, Forest Park Westheimer Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, Texas) married Gerald Allen Stokes (5-20-1936; 6-11-1989, Port Arthur, Jefferson County, Texas, Forest Park Westheimer Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, Texas) on March 19, 1955.

(3) Katherine Faye Scott (9-17-1936, Comanche County) married [1] Anthony Pecorino, Jr. (10-02-1933) on September 25, 1952, divorced February 1978, Washoe County, Nevada, and [2] Billy Don Hart (4-21-1938) on November 4, 1978, in Reno, Washoe County, Nevada and currently resides in Reno, Neva.

(4) Beatrice Jean Scott (3-24-1938, Comanche County) married William E. Harvey LeBlanc, Jr. (11-25-1933) on March 8, 1958, in St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Port Arthur, Jefferson County, Texas and currently resides in Port Arthur, Texas.

(5) Bettie Ruth Scott (12-28-1941, Comanche County) married Tommie Jean Brannen (6-15-1937; 11-14-2002) on December 14, 1963, in Port Arthur, Jefferson County, and currently resides in Benbrook, Tarrant County, Texas.

(6) William Travis “Bill” Scott (6-15-1946, Port Arthur, Jefferson County) married Mary Ellen Gunderson (11-27-1946) in Sidney, Comanche County, Texas, and currently resides in Caldwell, Texas.

(7) Franklin D. Scott (1-02-1948, Orange, Orange County, Texas) married [1] Brenda Sue Ross (8-18-1946) on April 3, 1964, divorced, and [2] Julie Gandy (1-05-1955) on August 10, 1985, divorced, and [3] Shirley Elaine McKee (6-11-1945) on May 20, 2000, in Brownwood, Brown County, Texas, and currently resides in Brownwood, Texas.

Elbert, who was a carpenter by trade, left the farm in 1927 and followed construction work until 1931 when he returned to the Bryson Ranch and worked there until 1935. He was Gib Callaway’s ranch foreman until 1940.

From the ranch, to construction work, to working in a Galveston shipyard, he and his family settled in Port Arthur in late 1944, working for Gulf Oil Refinery. Elbert was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis of the spine in 1961. He was eventually declared totally and permanently disabled. Elbert officially retired on January 1, 1962, from Gulf Oil Corporation after seventeen years, three months and twenty-seven days of employment.

After retiring, Elbert, Gertrude, Bill, and Frank moved back to Sidney. Elbert bought five acres of land and sold two of them to Delbert. Delbert sold his farm and bought a house in Comanche and moved it to the property in Sidney. There was a pasture between their houses where they raised sheep and goats. Horned toads were plentiful in the pasture during this time, and the grandchildren loved catching them for pets.

Children and grandchildren visited often.

“They loved taking walks with Granddad down to the creek. Gertrude made the best homemade pies, biscuits, and milk gravy, and she canned the best preserves!”

The wash was done on a ringer washer, which was something amazing for the grandchildren to see. Elbert was known to sit out under the trees and whittle his walking canes from branches of trees. He also broke one or two across the old Billy goat’s head for butting him in his backside out in the pasture.

Elbert died at the age of sixty-three, at home in Sidney on August 2, 1968, from a heart attack; this day was also Alice’s sixty-second birthday. Gertrude sold their home and bought a house in Brownwood, just three doors down from son and daughter-in-law, J.D. and Mary Jo Scott. She lived in this house until her death on February 17, 1984.

Elbert and Gertrude are buried beside each other in the White Point Cemetery, Comanche County, Texas. Elbert and Delbert are buried side by side in the plot for four. Alice is also buried in the White Point Cemetery; resting next to her is the infant son of Delbert and Eula “Tine” Scott, Robert Delmar Scott (10-18-27; 10-22-1927).

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