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    Just a small town Texas girl with a passion is a way that I could be described. My name is Shelby Rogers, and I have lived almost my whole life in Hamilton, Texas. Well, technically I live outside of Hamilton. I grew up living on a ranch with my three younger siblings (two brothers and one sister) and my parents. We started our ranch, Hidden Oaks Ranch, in 1999 with just a few head of Herefords. From there, we grew, buying more land and more Herefords. Now, we have over 200 head of Registered Herefords as well as some crossbred cattle that serve as recips for our embryo transfer work.


    I started showing Hereford cattle at age seven and instantly fell in love with the white-faced cattle since that day my dad handed me the halter of my first heifer, Keepsake. That love for the Hereford breed has grown into a passion. I have a passion for Herefords, the beef industry, and agriculture, which has become so much of my life. I became involved in 4-H and FFA, participating in judging, speaking, and also any other contests possible. I also had the dream since second grade to one day be a National Junior Hereford Association Director. Two years ago, this dream became reality as I was handed my maroon blazer. Now, I share my passion with the youth of the Hereford Association and inspire the young kids to follow their dreams. And, that is a major reason I love what I do. With the NJHA Director position, I know the young kids are the ones I will make an impression on just like a “boardie” made an impression on me when I was in second grade.

    Shelby Shelby2







    Although I may be a Texas girl, my college roots are elsewhere, and, my senior year of high school, I decided I wanted to attend Oklahoma State University. Oklahoma State University had just what I was looking for: a degree in not only Agricultural Communications, but a double major in both that and Animal Science. I just finished my freshman year, and couldn’t have been happier with my choice of Oklahoma State University. I love the people, the college, and everything about OSU (well except that tough Chemistry class I had).

    After finishing my first year, I headed home for the summer and started the job search. Never would I have guessed that I would find the perfect job in my own hometown. I got an internship with none other than Pederson’s Natural Farms. Something that was a little different for me… a pork processor. I learned all about how to make bacon and sausage, as well as working with research and development on new products. I enjoyed learning all about Pederson’s products, but I loved when they sent me to work with the marketing people. I got to start doing social media and blogging. This could just be the start of my future. I love writing and hope one day to start my own livestock magazine. I am so thankful for this internship and can’t wait to see where I will go in the next few years! Oh, and BEEF… it’s what’s for dinner!

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    1. Jean Martin says:

      Hey, this is so interesting and the pictures are special, also.

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