• An Alkaline System, Drinking To My Health!

    ALKALINE SMOOTHIEIf you are anywhere near the half-century mark, I think it is a given that you remember exercise guru, Jack LaLanne. I couldn’t have been much over a toddler when I joined my mom and Jack in our living room floor, and I suppose that was where I gained my initial interest in all things good for us.

    Sooo….when Jack said it was time to juice, I bought his juicer and began to drink my veggies instead of eating them.

    Today, I follow Ross Bridgeford’s Energise For Life Blog, (along with many others) and was recently gratified to find almost my exact smoothie of choice listed there as containing seven very alkaline foods. (I also add 3-4 cherry tomatoes to this smoothie to give it a little sweeter taste.)

    1. Spinach
    2. Kale
    3. Cucumber
    4. Broccoli
    5. Avocado
    6. Celery*
    7. Capsicum/Bell pepper (I also use liquid capsicum.)

    Using too much kale can make your drink a little “sharp,” but always using avocado (I use about 1/8 of an avocado.) does smooth out the drink. AND, I don’t always put every one of these ingredients in the same smoothie. I just make sure that I am using them all, plus I somtimes add cauliflower to this mix, and I top everything with a shot of red pepper for good measure!

    I also like to drink from a special glass. The one shown here happens to be a goblet that I loved from my grandparents old kitchen.

    Here’s what Ross had to say:

    “I really want you to think about this: If you made a smoothie or juice containing just 1/2 a cup of each of these seven ingredients it would give you:

    Vitamin K – 1326% RDA
    Molybdenum – 13.5% RDA
    Vitamin C – 243% RDA
    Potassium – 35% RDA
    Manganese – 68% RDA
    Magnesium – 32% RDA
    Vitamin A – 386% RDA
    Fiber – 47% RDA
    Calcium – 22% RDA
    Iron – 22% RDA
    Folate – 66% RDA
    Vitamin B2 – 21.5% RDA
    Vitamin E – 16% RDA
    Vitamin B6 – 22.5% RDA
    Vitamin B5 – 15.5% RDA


    “Can you imagine this? Leaving the house every morning having already consumed 243% of your vitamin c intake, 47% of your daily fiber needs, 68% of you manganese and 32% of your magnesium, over 22% of you vitamin B2 – imagine all of the incredible antioxidants? Before you’ve left the house?!

    “This really is giving you not only huge antioxidants, huge alkalinity, huge chlorophyll, huge detoxification nutrients – but if you want to go really mainstream – its giving you the recommended 5 Veg a Day before 9am!”

    Before I close, I have to confess that I don’t get as many nutrients in one smoothie as are listed here because I do not make a smoothie this large, but since I usually consume two per day I do come close.

    I also am not the poster child for great health…at least on the surface; however, I do attribute the fact that I simply never have a cold, the flu, a stomach bug, ANYTHING that most people “catch” every year. I just am never sick.

    No, I have the weird… :)

    *Be aware that celery is on the EPAs Dirty Dozen list and wash it very, very well!

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3

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    Fredda Davis Jones was raised “in the country” in Comanche County and learned very early that creativity and innovation are traits that can flourish even in small-town Texas and that with enough effort, indeed nothing is impossible, including being married to the same man for over 40 years! Rickey and Fredda have 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and a crazy life that includes sitting in the bleachers several times a week. The rest of her time is spent creating great content for texansunited.com and marketing small-town Texas.
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