• An Alkaline System, Where Do I Start?

    ALKALINE, LET'S GET STARTED!We all know that we need to strive for a less acidic system, don’t we? The problem is that it is hard to know where to start, and yet, the longer that we allow our systems to remain acidic, the more danger we are of developing health problems.

    We will discuss some of those problems in another article. For today it is enough to know that research shows that acidic systems cause all types of awful problems with one of the worst providing a system where cancer thrives, and we are all trying to avoid having to fight that battle aren’t we?

    So, what do we do first? I think the very easiest place to begin is exactly where I began over many years ago.

    1. Go to your local pharmacy and purchase a bottle of urinalysis strips. These strips will measure your protein, glucose, and PH balance. I’ve used these since the 1970s when Dr. Atkins came on the scene, but I have just recently begun using saliva strips as well, and I alternate between the two.

    Of course, I don’t test as often as I once did simply because I know that my diet keeps my system in the alkaline category…but that is another article as well.

    2. Using the instructions on the bottle, do self-administered urinalysis tests for the next few days so that you will have a good idea of how your system is registering. If you are organized enough, record your results including the time of day that you test.

    3. Once you have an idea of how acidic your system actually is, start with 1 lemon. Cut it into pieces and squeeze the juice into your drinks over the course of a day, using the entire thing before you go to bed at night. It sounds crazy, but I’ve done this for years, and lemon does help you gain the alkaline system that we all need.

    4. Give yourself three or four days of using lemon juice before you test again. According to your diet, you could begin to see results just from the lemon; however, we want to add one more simple ingredient to your diet: cayenne pepper.

    5. Find a way to add cayenne to your diet every day. I eat a lot of fresh peppers, but seldom do I eat fresh cayenne. However, I have learned to like that red powder on lots of things that I eat often: omelettes, creamed cauliflower, veggie smoothies, Texas stir fry, etc. Every day of my life I find some way to incorporate cayenne and lemon into my diet, and it works wonders for my PH balance.

    6. Two or three times a week, make yourself some detox tea, courtesy of our friend, Mary Beth Mazurek.

    Detox Tea Recipe

    1 Mug of Water
    Juice of 1/2-1 Lemon
    All Natural Maple Syrup
    Cayenne Pepper

    Heat Water and Lemon juice to desired temperature.

    Sweeten to taste…well, within reason. I use about a tablespoon.

    Sprinkle with cayenne.

    I am a fan of green tea, but it took me years to get here. While Texansunited.com does not endorse any product, the green tea that I actually like is Uncle Lee’s Organic Green Tea. I buy the tea bags, and I usually drink a mug four or five times a week and yes, I sprinkle cayenne pepper on it as a topper!

    The road to a more alkaline system can be long and winding, and we will talk about that later; however, it seems to me that what we have discussed today is the very easiest place to start.

    Good Luck!

    *No medical advice is intended in any way in any part of this article. What I share with you is the result of a lifetime of personal studying and trial and error until I found what works for me. I severely limit flour and sugar in my life, and eating as I describe keeps my various levels in the great zone

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