• An Alkaline System, Why Am I Craving Bread?

    I’ve never really craved bread, but I have many friends who do. According to nutritionists, this craving can often be attributed to low nitrogen levels in the body and can be slowed by cutting the “bad carbs” and  adding protein to your diet.


    Turning to a protein-based diet was very difficult for me for about a month, and I don’t know that I would even recommend it unless you are dead serious about getting your diet under control….and that means that if you add the protein, you must cut the carbs, starting with sugar and flour.

    This may not be easy at first if you are like I was and do not really care for meat; however, I was one of the dead serious ones and today I seldom mind the loss of either sugar (my old best friend) or flour, and when I do, I eat them for a day and then get right back on the wagon…because I feel SO MUCH better without them in my body! (This has been my routine for about fifteen years.)

    Sooo…..to help you get the nitrogen you need to help you reduce your cravings for bread…

    1. Add fresh, non-processed, meat to your daily diet. When you would bite off an arm to get to a piece of bread, try a handful of nuts, especially almonds, instead. Just remember that if you eat those nuts and then top them off with the bread, you’ve packed on a lof of calories and defeated the purpose.

    2. Be sure that you are eating the veggies that help your system become more alkaline.

    3. And a really good way to get those veggies and make sure that you absorb them is to drink them!

    And remember, when I post nutritional tidbits I am simply passing along what has worked for me, what I have studied, and what nutritionists have shared with me. For the most part, I do not post outside links because I hope you will do your own research and never take me as the ultimate authority on ANYTHING. :) 

    Good luck!

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