And The First Year Is In The Record Books

School’s out!!

Well, our first year is in the record books, and it ended with a bang with the banquet and our Ag Olympics or Redneck Games, if you prefer to call it that. We had a huge crowd for our games, and hopefully we encouraged even more students to join our Ag program.

The events were a hay bale rold, wheel barrow team poles, egg toss, sack races, chicken catching, dummy roping, goat catching, and a tug of war. We had a huge crowd and about sixty students competed, which was great. We ended the evening with brisket sandwiches.

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This will be our last blog of the year, and we would like to end it by thanking everyone who helped us have such successful year. Our booster club and our parents did a great job this year, and from the preregistration, it looks like we might grow even more next year.

We also want to send out a big thank you to Comanche ISD, Mr. Daniel, and the board for taking a chance and hiring two first-year teachers.


About Special Series

Blake O’Quinn and Vinnie Heller are both first year teachers at Comanche ISD. Blake is a 2010 Aggie, and Vinnie graduated from Tarleton in 2010, both with Agriculture degrees. “We never know what’s going to happen next here in the Ag shop. One minute we are welding chairs, and the next the phone is ringing with someone needing a pig doctored. We’ve even been asked to build a CHS for the bonfire. We’re the catch all for the community, and we love it!”
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