• Artist Luis Ledesma- You’ll Be Seeing His Work!

    Luis Ledesma

    Luis Ledesma

    Luis Ledesma is an artist. I knew he was because his high school principal, Chad Gee, told me so. After Luis showed me his portfolio, I knew that Mr. Gee had not exaggerated. Luis has an incredible talent. I was there to talk to him about his role on the metal art project, but my mind could not quite shake the idea of a small mural that I believed Luis could create. I did start with metal art, however.

    “I worked on this project as a grind, and I pretty much grinded on every single piece.”

    And then, my mind wandered back to the mural, and I asked about his art.

    “I’ve been drawing for about eight years. I first started off by printing off ½ of a picture and then seeing if I could draw the other half. Then, I started trying to draw the whole thing myself, and it turned out that I was pretty good at it,” he smiled. “I really need a picture to give me the insight to draw though.”

    Luis is in a high school art class, and he jumped at the idea when I mentioned the mural to him, and then we turned back to metal art once again.

    “When I first came to this class, Mr. Beard told me that it was going to be very difficult for me because I am a beginner in an advanced class. Within the first couple of days, we were cutting out buffalo, and they handed me the grinder. I’ve been working ever since. I have learned a lot…how to weld, how to use the plasma cutter…well, I’m not very good at that yet, but I’m getting better!” the slow smile came again.”

    This is just one sample of Luis' work.

    This is just one sample of Luis’ work.

    Then, Luis brought up a subject that almost made me cry.

    “There are some pretty horrible people out there, aren’t there?”

    Of course, I knew exactly what he was talking about and yet, I wasn’t sure I wanted to respond…but I did.

    “The thing you just have to always remember is that for every negative person you meet, there are a hundred great people ready to cheer your work. If you will notice, the negative comments come only from those who never lift a finger or donate a dollar toward anything that makes the community better. When you step up to the front, you make a lot of people jealous. You just have to keep your eyes on the goal.”

    And with that, the smile returned to the young artist’s face.

    “I learned a lot about team work with this project. All of the people you see in here have really helped me. Plus, we had a lot of fun!”

    And this is a very different type of art.

    And this is a very different type of art.

    Here at TU, I’m thinking that you have not heard the last of Luis Ledesma, not by a long shot!

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