• Awakening From Alzheimer’s Disease

    Just the word Alzheimer’s is enough to strike fear into the hearts of all of us, isn’t it? It is one of those diseases that comes out of nowhere, and crosses all borders: race, religion, sex, socio-economics, and the list continues. There’s no real way to prevent it…no real way to cure it…or so we’ve been told.

    From alz.org

    From alz.org

    Some months ago, we brought you an article about Dr. Russell Blaylock’s approach to preventing the dread disease. Today, we bring you information suggested by Dr. Mark Micozzi.

    I’ve followed the work of Dr. Mark Micozzi, M.D. and PHD, for years and when he suggests certain reading, I often give it a look. Today, Dr. Micozzi suggests a book written by Peggy Sarlin titled Awakening From Alzheimer’s:  How 9 Maverick Doctors are Reversing Alzheimer’s.

    I can’t tell you what info lies within the pages of this book since I just placed my own order today. What I can tell you is that information is power, and if we gather only one worthwhile tidbit in each reading, it is well worth the trouble to me. I can also tell you that my own personal belief grows stronger every single day that we have to take charge of our own health.

    Having a wonderful doctor is great, but I also have enough sense to do my own studying as well so that I can at least know what my doctor is suggesting when he talks to me about health problems.

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