• Beauty Tip: Strawberry Avocado Facial Massage/Mask

    STRAWBERRY AVOCADO FACIAL MASKI can never decide which natural facial product is my favorite, but I do like this one for both my face and my hands! Today I am using this massage/mask as a chaser to our lemon and egg white mask, but, of course, it stands on its own as well.

    The strawberries in this massage/mask continue the fade process while the avocado works to moisturize my skin at the same time.

    The ingredients that I have listed here will yield way too much cream for my face. I like to seal it, put in the fridge, and “wash” my hands in it every day until all is gone. It creates unbelievably soft hands!

    Since it contains no egg, I have massaged it into my face three days in a row as well, but I can’t say that is the thing to do. Last night, I started to reach for my moisturizer when I had a thought. Instead of doing that, I took this massage cream and rubbed a small amount onto my face until there was nothing to be seen of it. My face felt very moisturized without being oily and my skin looked great! This morning, I awoke still feeling very moisturized!


    2 Strawberries
    1/2 Avocado
    2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil


    Since I am going to mix this in my Nutribullet, I am leaving the tops on the strawberries. You probably will not be able to do this if you are using your food processor.

    1. Take all ingredients and mash very well, using anything from a fork to some type of processor.

    2. Smooth heavily onto clean face. Spend several minutes massaging these ingredients into your face and neck.

    3. If you want to use as a mask, leave on for about 30-45 minutes, and be prepared to look like someone who has survived a small explosion! I actually took photos of myself wearing this mask, but I was afraid they would scare you to death so I did not post! :) If you do not plan to use as a mask, simply rinse when you finish your massage.

    4. Wash off with warm water. I do not need to moisturize after this treatment so after my face is clean, I splash with cold water to close pores. If you have very dry skin, you will want to moisturize with a tiny bit of organic coconut oil.


    So far, I am loving this one. Just remember that all skin types are different and we all have different sensitivities. I can only tell you my experiences and not predict how these ingredients will work for you.

    *Obviously, if you are sensitive to any of these ingredients or if you have an alergy to them, you cannot use this massage.

    Banana Facial Mask


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