• Bell Boy Of The South In Dublin, Texas

    Written by Stephanie Keith

    In early April of 1926, an interesting little story about the “Bell Boy of the Sky” traveled clear from Comer, Georgia to Dublin, Texas.

    What or who was the “Bell Boy of the Sky? Was he a type of plane, bird, or pilot? No, the “Bell Boy of the Sky” was actually a BUZZARD! Yes, a buzzard. I guess this is why the news traveled all that way, something that odd just had to be shared.

    The story goes that a farmer by the name of W.C. Birchmore accidently shot the bird out of the sky one day. Who knows what he thought he was actually shooting!

    When the man walked over to check out his prize kill, he was completely shocked at what he saw. This was no ordinary buzzard. This buzzard had a brass cow bell wired around his neck.

    The entire bell was scarred, and the wire was so worn that it was almost in two. When Mr. Birchmore went in for a closer look, he found that the bell had 1882 deeply carved into it. Below the 1882 “Joel Mine, Lanville” was also carved.

    This not only means that someone had once caught the bird, but that the bird had lived 44 years. That is a long time for a buzzard.

    Who knew that such an odd story could be found in a 1926 issue of The Dublin Progress.

    The Dublin Citizen replaced the Progress.

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