• Ben Hogan, The Golfing Great And Dublin, Texas

    We’re all guilty of driving through our sleepy little Texas towns and assuming that “nothing” ever happened in any of them, aren’t we? We certainly never think that “anybody” ever came from those towns, right?

    Today, Karen Wright, executive director of the Dublin EDC, dispells that silly myth, at least from the little town of Dublin, Texas.


    Dublin, Texas is surrounded by pastures but one of those pastures has earned a place in sports history. You wouldn’t know it today – it’s just a gently rolling site four miles west of Dublin just off Highway 6 toward DeLeon.

    It’s pretty, as far as cow pastures go. These days it’s even green and the stock tank is filled — all in all, a pretty nice place for a cow to graze and hang out in the shade of a few oak trees. But about 80 years ago, it wasn’t a cow pasture. In fact, it was a golf course – perhaps the most famous golf course that you’ve never heard of.

    The Dublin-DeLeon Golf Links was created in the late 1920s but its life was cut short when World War II began and those guys who played golf (and the women who played bridge at the clubhouse) suddenly were thrust into another world that redefined their leisure activities. The course closed and was never reopened to anything except cattle.

    But what happened in 1929 is what put it on the map for golf historians. It was here on this 9-hole sand-green course that 17-year-old Ben Hogan drove and putted his way to victory and took home the first place trophy. Why was that win so significant?

    It was the last amateur tournament that the young Hogan would play before he began the very difficult transition to the pro ranks – and the even more difficult road to becoming the finest ball striker in golf history.

    Today, golf historians and fans of the late golfer speak with respect of the cow pasture just outside of Dublin. It’s known as Hogan’s Long Forgotten Fairway.

    Photo from http://www.oldsportgallery.com


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