• Bio Of A Cowboy: Chad Newman

    ChadIf you live in Comanche, and you don’t know Chad Newman, you must live under a rock. Who doesn’t know “Chad Bo” as I affectionately call him? Chad is an absolute staple around town. Whether you know him from church, Comanche Electric Coop, Rockin’ J’s, or just seeing him around town, you’ve surely experienced the joy that he brings along with him everywhere he goes.

    When I first started writing the Bio Of A Cowboy series, I sat down and made a list of folks I’d like to feature. Chad was on my short list. But, the man is pretty serious about his work and schedule, and I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to secure a time to sit down with him to visit during my working hours. Yes, yes, Aaron & I eat dinner with Chad on a fairly regular basis over at Rockin’ J’s, but, in those moments, I’m just a girl trying to enjoy a meal and the company of friends. I really prefer to have one on one time with the folks I intend to feature just because they tend to open up a little more than if there were an audience. All of that to say, I didn’t know when I’d have the opportunity to really interview Chad.

    BUT, then one fine afternoon, he strolled right in to the feed store. “YESSSS” I thought whilst giving myself an internal high five. I marched right up to the front and said, “CHAD BO! I want to write a story about you. When can we talk?” And, in typical Chad style, he closes his eyes, shakes his head back and forth and roars with laughter. “Right now is fine,” he says. Yay!

    Oh man, oh man… where do we start? I know I want to talk about work. Chad’s been with CECA for 13 years! THIRTEEN! That’s a long dang time when you’re only 35. Typically, work isn’t that exciting of a topic, right? But, I have the inside scoop. Aaron works with Chad, and I know that Chad’s work life is not typical. I know that Chad’s work life reveals a lot about the man that he is. See, he doesn’t have to be at work until 7:30am each morning. But, he gets there every single day at 5:30am. FIVE THIRTY A.M. It’s dark out. No matter the time of year, it’s still dark out! I am still in bed. It’s always intrigued me why he would show up two hours earlier than is necessary.

    “Ahhhh, cause I like to do it” he says so very matter of factly. And, what is it that he’s doing? He’s making coffee, opening the gates, getting ready for the day… He strives to have everything ready for the rest of the guys before they get there. I’m thinking to myself, “hmmm… if my coworkers want coffee, I suppose they better get busy makin’ it.” I am obviously not near as kind hearted as Chad. But, it’s something I have always appreciated about him. Aaron has told me before that this is what he does every single day. That kind of work ethic, dedication, loyalty… I believe the character traits he embodies as he does this are endless. Admirable. I wonder to myself if he knows this? I’m inclined to think not.

    And, as I sat and talked with him that afternoon about other areas of his life, he continued to reveal wonderful bits of wisdom and admirable character traits. As I listened to him talk for that hour, I believe I was on an emotional roller coaster. At times, we laughed. At times, my heart ached for him. And, at times, I learned from his simple yet profound statements. I didn’t much have to lead the conversation. He was so willing to share with me, and I love that about him. He talked openly about things of which I’d never heard him speak.

    I guess we’ll just start at the beginning, hey?

    “I have a learning disability. It sucks. It’s frustrating,” he says quietly as he glances down. He recalls an incident at school when he was just six or seven years old. “I had a real bad temper in school.” He told me of getting frustrated and throwing open the door and slamming it behind him as he ran out of the classroom. “I was gone,” he said.

    As is often the case, he began to find refuge with one of his teachers. “She had a way of calming me down,” talking about Mrs. Patricia Kasberg. There was an unspoken gratefulness there… I could see it in his eyes. It reminded me that any one of us has the ability to impact a child’s life if only we’ll take the time to slow down and look for those opportunities. While I’ve never met Mrs. Kasberg, I am thankful for her.

    We talked more about school and childhood. He reminisced about his high school years, specifically his time managing the football team. “I miss it.” As he begins to remember, I begin to see him really come alive. He throws his head back, laughs, and, with full emotion, he says, “Ohhhhhhhh son! I had more fun than…” And he trails off. I desperately want to know how that sentence ends. Instead, it ended with laughter, and I suppose that’s enough. I suppose that says it all. And, for a minute, I wished we were back in school. I wished I had one more opportunity to really pay attention to the unabashed joy that he experienced on a Friday night under those lights. And, honestly, I just want to experience my own unabashed joy, you know? How often do we just let ourselves go?It’s like, I want all that defines me & binds me into adulthood, maturity, parenthood to be undone. I want all my cloaks, whether it be worry, self-consciousness, expectations, etc., to be shed. I want to become undignified… letting my proverbial hair down. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve done that? I want to lay my armour down and experience joy the way that Chad can experience joy.

    But, let’s put my introspection aside here and get back to it. Basically, I found that school was a bundle of frustration and fun for Chad. So, when I asked him about the happiest moment of his life, I couldn’t have guessed what he would say, but it does not surprise me.

    After I graduated, I started walking down and got the biggest ovation! I was a’ hoppin’! I had tears running down my face.” Unabashed joy.

    Chad2We talked more about his day to day. We talked more about his hopes for his life… maybe that’s best left for another day. Honestly, I was overwhelmed with all that he had to share… with his openness, his honesty. We talked about dove hunting. We talked about companionship. We talked about Rockin’ J’s. We talked about knowing everyone in town. We talked about church. And, in everything we talked about, he exhibited a realness unmatched. I certainly wish everyone communicated so openly.

    The last thing I asked him was what single piece of advice would you give to a large group of people? His answer was short, sweet, to the point, and full of wisdom. “Keep yourself clean.” It struck me. It convicted me. It made me want to be better. And, then he told me of a verse in the Bible that means a lot to him. Jeremiah 29:11 reads “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” No doubt, Chad. No doubt.

    About Amy Coffey

    Amy is a Texas based 30-something living the life in Comanche, Texas: population 4,259. Who says you have to live in the big city to live your dreams? Her soul’s hankerin’ to create has nurtured her love of writing, photography, design, daydreaming, and, oh, a billion other creative outlets that have caught her fancy at one time or another. Amy's crafty, clever, and conversational writing style is riddled with her quirky internal dialogue, not to mention raw emotion, introspection, and depth.
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    22 Responses to Bio Of A Cowboy: Chad Newman

    1. Christy Harris says:

      Absolutely my brother. And I got the unimaginable joy of living with him everyday. What a joy he is to so many and especially me and my family!! I love my Chad Bo!! Great job Amy!

    2. Mary Beth says:

      I don’t know why but this made me cry….what a wonderful insight to someone we all know. Thanks for such an inspiring write up.

    3. Charla Amos-Conroy says:

      I was born and raised in Comanche. I remember being at the pool when I was younger and having Chad Bo ride around with his music turned up…I really miss that a lot. Chad was a really big inspiration in so many peoples lives..I absolutely loved the story… Charla Amos-Conroy

    4. michelle says:

      Love this.

    5. jodi says:

      I’m with Mary Beth…what an honor to know Chad! Great article!

    6. Cindy Newman says:

      This made me cry also. Chad has always been a joy to our family. Always making us laugh and smile and very sensitive to others. What an honor it is to be his mother. . Thank you Amy for the story. I will cherish it!

    7. Brandon Boyd says:

      I met Chad when I moved to Comanche my High School years. He was not one to have enemies. That isn’t saying he didn’t get heated when you made him mad, he just had a way of finding the good in the end and keeping everyone friends (including myself). I am a bit of an outsider to Comanche (not born and raised), Chad never met a stranger and made everyone feel welcome.

      I agree Chad is one of a kind, and quite honored to know him.

    8. Misty says:

      I remember when I worked at Brookshire’s and Chad would come in and I would be sweeping. I would chase him around with the broom telling him that I would be his wife one day, lol (Him and Gary that drove the golf cart).

    9. Lea Ann Bilberry says:

      I grew up with Chad, who is younger than me, and I remember him being so kind hearted. His mother and father , in my eyes, were always so loving and wonderful!! It’s no wonder he is so successful in his life. :)

    10. Bill says:

      Quite a guy. Glad to call him FRIEND. Great story.

    11. Tim Campbell says:

      Whether working together at Brookshires or just hanging out by Sonic Chad is one of the most memorable people I’ve ever known. To say he is a great person would be an understatement. Awesome story!

    12. Amy Coffey Amy Coffey says:

      This story came easily for me. He was so forthcoming & honest, and I was so inspired… it made my job easy. I hope that it did him some bit of justice in his awesomeness, but I got SOOOO much more than just this that day. It was absolutely my pleasure to write, and it’s ALWAYS my pleasure to enjoy some time with Chad Bo. :)

    13. Patricia Kasberg says:

      Love you, Chad!!!

    14. Mike Furlong says:

      Chad is a staple in Comanche, and I don’t think this town would be the great place it is without him. We could all learn a lot from his sincere heart. I love seeing him at Rockin J’s and so do my two kiddos. Great write up glad you took the time!!

    15. Randy Day says:

      This is one of the most delightful observations of the wonderful spirit that defines Chad. At church, we often have a moment to reflect on the good times, mostly passed now, of his Grandparents, aunts and uncles telling stories of years and times gone by. He, like me and many cousins , was privileged to hear so many tales and see the joy they had in those happy times of remembering. Yes, our little town is better with young Mr. Newman’s honesty and friendly personality that continues to be a great ambassador for good, and we that know him are a bit better…just for knowing him.

    16. Chad Elrod says:

      What a wonderful story about the kindest and friendliest person I have ever had the chance to not only be around but grow up with! Growing up, Chad Newman was my friend, fellow Royal Ambassador for Christ, fellow church member, classmate and one of the best School Boy Football managers to ever serve in that role! Chad Newman touched my life in wonderful ways! We would play together a lot at church as our parents had all sorts of meetings so that gave us time to raise cain around East Side! Along with Casey Lee, Jason Henry, Gayland Sorrells, Jason Day, Nathan Rust, and others I’m forgetting I know but we all had such a great time together! Chad would always be in the middle of all that we would do around there! He was always the voice of reason keeping all of us in check and reminding us that we shouldn’t do certain things but as hard-headed as I was I would say, “Newman, it’s OK trust me!” Well, he knew better and would just shake his head knowing we were all gonna be in trouble! You know what…9 times out of 10 he was right! Chad was also the manager of our football team! One of the best damn managers ever I may add! He would never let us give up…NEVER! I think it was during the Eastland football game in ’94 at their place and we were losing at halftime! The coaches gave their halftime speech and adjustments but it was 4 simple words that Chad Newman wrote on the chalk board that resonated with all of us on the team! Those 4 words were… “We are…We win!” We all knew exactly what that meant and went on to win that hard fought contest by a couple of points! Chad, those 4 words have stuck with me all these years buddy and every time I am facing adversity I think about that moment in time when you said nothing…but at the same time what you wrote that night said everything! Each and every one of us on that team remember that I guarantee! Newman, I’m proud to have shared my childhood with you! It makes my heart so very happy to see the type of leader you have become! You taught many of us, myself included, that life is about honesty, integrity, a sense of community and serving Jesus each and every day! God Bless You big dawg! Now, we need to get you to be a Red Raider fan! #GunsUp

    17. Chad Elrod says:

      Knew I forgot someone at East Side… Jarod Day!

    18. Jud/Smitty says:

      We love you, Skeebo!

    19. Rachelle Sumrall says:

      My husband and I lived in Comanche for our first 2 years of marriage. The impact the Newman family made on our lives is tremendous. I am so proud of you Chad Bo! We have the best memories of you, you are one in a million!!!!

    20. Donnita Robinson says:

      I love this! Great job Amy!
      I have known Chad all of his life. He is my cousin.
      Our family loves and knows how precious Chad is, and it makes me so happy to know that his community knows and cherishes him so well!
      Chad really cares about you guys. He watches out for you, enjoys visiting with you, and looks forward to being able to help you however he can.
      From the outside looking in, Comanche can seem a bit like Mayberry when seen through Chad’s eyes. He sees the best in people, and wants to believe it.
      I’m glad you recognize the gifts Chad brings us, simple, honest kindness, eagerness to laugh, ready to encourage you if you let him, an audience if you need to talk.
      Mother Teresa said, “We cannot do great things, only small things with great love”.
      I think that just about sums Chad up!
      Love ya, Newms!

    21. Bruce Spruill says:

      Great story Amy. You rock!

    22. Amy Coffey Amy Coffey says:

      I’m so glad to see all this love for Chad Bo! :)

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