• Cancer LOVES Sugar As Much As You Do

    SUGARSome information taken from Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.

    In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the link between sugar and cancer as well as the fact that cancer thrives in an acidic system as opposed to an alkaline system. In 1971, President Richard Nixon launched what he called the War on Cancer and yet, today we are told that cancer will affect one in two Americans.

    Why is this? Actually, one piece of the puzzle is simple. Over 80 years after Warburg made his discovery, Americans still love sugar. In fact, it is estimated that the average American eats about 180 pounds of the stuff every single year!

    According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, 30% of all cancers can be avoided by monitoring our diet, and today we want to look at one type of food to avoid: Simple Carbs…more specifically, refined sugar and flour. Processed foods are full of one or both of the offenders although they often hide behind names such as fructose, lactose, dextrose, sucrose, galactose, maltose, and HFCS, and as you know, the close the word is to the top of the ingredient list, the more sugar the food contains.

    Simple carbs also hide in a myriad of common foods.

    Fruit Juices
    Salad Dressings
    White Bread
    White Rice
    Canned Soup
    French Fries

    And the list continues on. The truth of the matter is that we are in a war for our lives against the food industry in this country. To win the battles, we must become detectives, aware of exactly what we are putting into our bodies as well as those of our family members.

    There are all kinds of wonderful foods out there, and knowledge truly is power. Buying fresh or frozen as well as foods that do not have an ingredient list as long as the side of the bottle will make a great start on your road to maintaining good health! And when you get right down to it, 180 pounds of sugar sounds downright gross, doesn’t it?

    According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Super Foods list, our articles on what to eat have been right on. As a confirmed carb watcher, I can tell you that it took a good month of righteous living :) for me to get the sugar out of my system. Once I did that, it truly has not been terribly hard to avoid the simple carbs, and when I do eat them it is because I have made a very calculated decision to splurge.

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