• Chocolate Covered Fruit Appetizers or Hors d’oeuvres

    Your imagination is the only limit as to how to prepare and serve these. I actually did not get you a great photo at all since these were heading out the door to the nursing home as a treat for my mother-in-law.  At the last minute, I remembered that I needed to snap a picture so I grabbed a few, put them on a plate, and took a single photo.

    All you need are bite size pieces of fruit, long toothpicks for skewers, and chocolate. I used Bakers Dipping Chocolate, and it worked perfectly.


    These have all been been dipped in chocolate on only one side. I did make some that were completely dipped, but the problem with those is that you can’t see the fruit so they are not as pretty.

    The prettiest that I made were not dipped in the chocolate. Instead, I put my fruit (I used pineapple, banana, and strawberry.) on skewers and then held the skewer in one hand and drizzled chocolate over the fruit.

    My favorite way to display these is to purchase a piece of Styrofoam (don’t take the plastic off of it), clean the plastic well and cover with a favorite piece of cloth or lace. Then, I can punch the skewer into it and let the fruit “stand up.”

    The only problem comes if you use bananas. I did simply because that is a favorite fruit of the one I was preparing for; however, if you use a more hardy fruit, you can make ahead. You can see that my banana slices are already trying to turn on me. Grapes work great, and I have even made these with nothing but grapes, sometimes even with sugared grapes. YUM!

    Tip: If you are laying your fruit skewers on a plate, you don’t have to worry about this; however, if you are standing them, you need make sure that your bottom piece of fruit is covered well in chocolate. This will hold to the skewer and keep your fruit together when it is pulled off of the Styrofoam.

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