• Christmas Cookies Even I Could Make

    Okay, so, back when I talked about some Christmas morning breakfasts, I established that I like to cook, but I’m no good at complicated recipes. Remember that? And, here’s another little tidbit of information about me… I like to cook, but I do not like to bake. I’m not a dessert person. I’m just not. Give me something salty any day of the week over something sweet.

    But, anyway. It’s Christmas time. And, at Christmas time, it is required that you have to bake. Did y’all know that? Did you know that it’s practically law that you have to bake cookies around Christmas time? No? Huh.

    Well, my thing is that all those powdered ingredients in baked goods… yeah… my kitchen (and myself) ends up lightly coated in flour. And, I always get a bit too ambitious. I, of course, am drawn to these gorgeous cookies which require the use of cookie cutters and a steady hand to pipe frosting in the most intricate ways.

    The problem with those recipes? I can’t even use a cookie cutter right… forget the frosting piping part. Somehow, my cookies cut with a cookie cutter are still ridiculously misshapen and… well… embarrassing. And, so, for this particular collection of Christmas cookie ideas, I found recipes that produce impressive looking cookies without the use of cookie cutters or a steady hand. Yeehaw! You’re welcome.

    To start off this cookie party, I present to you Meemaw’s Kitchen Sink Christmas Cookies from Pauladeen.com.

    Now, look at these cookies. No cookie cutter… just plop some cookie dough on the pan, and you’re good to go! No piped frosting… just dip these bad boys in some white chocolate, and sprinkle crushed peppermint on top. See? Still impressive, but I think it’d be pretty tough to mess these up (at least looks wise). And, for some added variety, contrast, or interest, you could dip them in milk chocolate instead.

    For the full recipe, click HERE.

    On another note, I just love that plate used to display those cookies. Nice muted color, dainty design… ahhh. :) That’s probably another reason they look so impressive to me. Ha!



    Okay… back to it. Next up, is a twist on a couple old classics. We’ve got Gingerdoodles (or Snickersnaps) from Bakergirl.

    Seeing as my fiancé, Aaron, loves both Gingersnaps and Snicker Doodles, I imagine I’ll have to make these cookies should he ever find out about this recipe. As you might have guessed, this cookie is literally a mash up of the two doughs.

    I personally think they look better than either of the cookies on their own, so, again… an impressive Christmas cookie! You can find the recipe HERE along with more photos of these beauties. Make sure to read her instructions as she’s got some great time saving tips AND she’s already done the troubleshooting involved when combining two different cookie doughs.

    Moving on, we’ve got some Chocolate Mint Christmas Cookies from Fat Girl Trapped In  A Skinny Body.

    These are the most appealing cookies of the bunch to me. Not only do they look easiest to make without all these exotic ingredients, but also… they’re chocolate. Pretty much, if I’m going to eat a cookie, it needs to involve chocolate. Bingo! Here’s my winner!

    These guys are looking pretty festive with either Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses on top or crushed peppermint. (Which, did y’all know Hershey’s made those? I sure didn’t. Hello clever!)

    So, hop on over HERE to see the recipe. I’m telling you… this one is as easy as they come!

    And, last but not least, we’ve got Chocolaty Melting Snowman Cookies from Better Homes And Gardens.

    I think these are the most fun looking and clever cookies! These are the closest to cookie cutter, piped frosting cookies that you’ll find here without actually having to use a cookie cutter or pipe frosting. :)

    Honestly, I have NO idea what kind of cookie dough they’ve used for the cookie. I can’t tell by the ingredients because… well, as stated, I don’t bake. Ha! But, I imagine you could make this cookie with just nearly any kind of dough you’d like. (And, yes, the eyes do look piped to me. BUT, do not fear. I have an alternative for you. Just use those mini chocolate chips for eyes. S000 much easier and faster.)

    For the recipe, click HERE.

    So, there you have it. Now, get to baking! Oh, and check back next week for some more easy-ish Christmas recipes!

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