• Comanche Ag Business Team Wins State Honors!

    Well, the old adage about the third time being the charm didn’t hold true for first-year Ag teachers Blake O’Quinn and Vinnie Heller whose Ag Business team competed for and won state honors this past Friday.  Of course, if you’ve met Heller and O’Quinn, you already know that they aren’t your run of the mill first-year teachers, and the honest truth is that I had a feeling they just might bring home the gold!

    Colten, B.J., Taylor, and Tyler did not expect the reception they received back in Comanche.

     Of course,  it didn’t hurt that Taylor Stephens, Tyler Payne, B.J. Reichman, and Colten Jones were the team memers, and this bunch of students didn’t have any idea that you don’t normally bring home top honors the first time you enter a contest. They just thought they were supposed to win, and win they did!

    And then they were pounded with silly string by the excited crowd!

    The state champs from Comanche, Texas will travel to Indianapolis in the fall to compete on the national level, and here at Texans United we’re thinking that since they’ve gone this far, they might as well win that one too.

    It took a while, but I finally managed to get the excited students and teachers together for a photo.

    Just a few of the fans who came to greet the team

     And if you will notice…

     …the faces…

    …say it all!

    The town of Comanche salutes all of you!


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