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    That’s me on the left with my coworker Ciera.

    I’m a self proclaimed city girl… not by physical location but by mentality. I am not well versed in the way of… agriculture. But, guess what. For the past two years, I’ve been dipping my toes into the “agricultural waters”. And, then, last month, I was just thrown right in. No more fiddling around. It’s time for this greenhorn to learn.

    You see, I work at The Moxie Room for Stacy Dudley. And, well, Stacy & her hubby Neil along with Cody & Chrissy Lane and Brian Dudley just bought Gore Bros. Agri-Service here in Comanche. What does that mean for me? That means our offices are moving in to the back side of the feed store. Yep. I’m working out of a feed store. And, I sure better learn a thing or two about the whole agriculture thing, then, eh?


    Colten Jones

    One of my first ventures into the world of agriculture on behalf of Gore Bros. was attending the annual Comanche County Dairy Breakfast last Thursday. So, as the annual tradition goes, hundreds were served a free, hot, delicious breakfast of eggs, sausage, fruit, biscuits, cheese, and, of course, milk. “I’ve never seen so much milk in my life!” recounted Colten Jones with his long, country drawl.

    Colten is the President of the FFA here in Comanche. The 16 year old junior went to work bright and early that morning at 5:30am to help prepare the breakfast along with several of his classmates and countless dairy farmers led by the Vollemans.



    1596sWhat I found absolutely enthralling, though, was the cow milking presentation put on for the kiddos. Technically, I suppose it’s called a Mobile Dairy Classroom program created by the SouthWest Dairy Farmers Association. During the 45 minute oral presentation and milking demonstration, the kiddos (and I) were taught the characteristics and anatomy of dairy cows, the importance of dairy foods for good health, the modern milking process, and modern environmental and food safety practices. What a great, valuable program.

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    I’d say all in all it was an awesome experience for me! Even though I grew up in Comanche, I’d never once been to the Dairy Breakfast. While I know that someone is responsible for growing my food, it was really nice to be able to see the real faces of the real families that feed the world. While Colten says, “The Dairy Breakfast is the dairy farmer’s way of saying thanks,” I feel like maybe we are the ones that should be thanking them!

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