• Comanche Junior Rodeo In Photos

    Photos by Joe Prado

    I heard on the radio last week that there were no playgrounds left in the U.S. with monkey bars or a tall slide. Of course, I smiled because I had just helped a little friend play on both right here in Comanche.

    A little later, I heard that “wild west” rodeos were a thing of the past. I smiled again. The following photos don’t show off our beautiful park’s playground, but they do show that rodeos are alive and well in Comanche, Texas.

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    With a BBA with an emphasis in Marketing, Stacy is the owner of The Moxie Room, a marketing firm located in Comanche, Texas. She is the master of strategy and the executor of said strategies. From conception to completion, she oversees each and every project acting as a liaison between creative and client. Before founding The Moxie Room, Stacy bulked up her portfolio all over the continent. From strategic planning, media relations, special events, internal communications, cause branding, ideation and new product launch management, her work has taken her from living in Texas to Tennessee to Toronto to Edmonton Alberta Canada.
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