• Comanche JV Topples Grandview

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    It was a beautiful night for football when the Comanche Indians and the Grandview Zebras met for the JV matchup in Indian stadium. By the time the game was over, it was the Comanche Indians who had bragging rights, with a score of 54-22 giving them the rights.

    JV INDIANS 2014

    Comanche drew first blood with 5:42 left in the first quarter when Bostick on about a 40 yard run found his way into the end zone. With PAT, score was 7-0.  The Zebras were unable to counter, with the ball going over on downs to the Indians on about their own 30.

    Pretty much every Indian back was in on the next charge down the field, including quarterback Bronte Hermesmeyer, and with only 16 seconds left in the opening period, Michael Constancia crossed the line again and with the kick, Indians were up 14-0.

    The Indians held the Zebras on the next set of downs, forcing the punt which was blocked by Newton, giving the Indians the ball on about their own 40. With 6:33 left in the 2nd quarter, it was a pass from Hermesmeyer to Colton Roberts that put the Indians back on the scoreboard due in part to the great blocking of #65, and the rest of the offensive line.  Kick was good, 21-0.

    JV INDIANS 2014

    With a great effort from Bostick, Ethan, and Casey Beaty, the Zebras were downed on their own 5 after the kickoff, and with 4:56 left in the 2nd and some great D by the Indians, it appeared that Grandview was punting out of its own end zone. The fake and the pass were unsuccessful, and the Indians got the ball inside the Grandview 5.

    With 4:14 left to play in the first half, Colton Roberts picked up the4th score of the night and his second TD,  28-0. The Zebras were unable to counter, and with 1:43 remaining in the 2nd, the ball went over to the Indians.

    Three plays later with 37 seconds left on the clock and after a long run from Constancia, Roberts was in for yet another score, 35-0…and that was just the first half!

    With slightly over 7:00 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter it was # 22 Allen who took the ball for what must have been a 40+ yard run from scrimmage. Constancia added the point, and the Indians were up 42-zip.

    JV INDIANS 2014

    Once again, the Indian D was too much for the Zebras, and with a little over 3 minutes left in the 3rd, the Indians were again in possession of the football. With 3:08 remaining in the quarter, Comanche coughed up the ball for the first time all night, and the Zebras took over on their own 40.

    Comanche saved a score with a pass interference foul, but, of course, giving Grandview the ball inside the Indian 10, and with 9:24 left in the game, the Zebras made their first appearance in the end zone. Two-point conversion was good, 42-8.

    With 8:51 left in the game, Allen took the ball, and as I heard Coach Roemisch say from the sidelines, it was, “See ya,” all the way from about his own 40 into the end zone, and the Indians were at 48-8 after their first failed PAT.

    JV INDIANS 2014

    The Zebras came out swinging, and then a facemask penalty cost the Indians big time. Coupled with successful long pass, Grand View was knocking on the door from the 6. The Zebras scored on the next play with 6:17 left in the ballgame. Conversion was no good, 48-14.

    There was just under 6 minutes on the clock when the Indians got the ball.  A long run from Colton Wilson, and the tribe was marching once again. Rick Martin followed for 6 more, and then it was Wilson for a 1st. Martin carried for a first down all the way to the 10, and with 3:38 left, Colton Wilson was in for the touchdown, 54-14.

    The Indians dropped their guard on the kickoff, and it was Grandview who took the kick all the way back for the TD. With 2 more added in it was 54-22.

    The Indians simply played out the clock from that time on, chalking up a 54-22 win.

    Unfortunately, I am a one-man show, and it is impossible for me to take photos and keep a great set of stats. However, there is never a one-man show on a football field, and these types of scores do not happen without some fabulous blocking on the O as well as a great D holding the opponent out of the end zone. Congrats to all of those whose names do not appear here!

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