Comanche, Texas: Old Cora



Known as the oldest existing log courthouse in Texas, the tiny courthouse that has come to be known as Old Cora, housed the Comanche County records from 1856 until the county seat was moved to the soon to be established town of Comanche, Texas in 1859.

Old Cora originally sat about twelve miles southeast of today’s town of Comanche in the little settlement known as Cora, the original county seat of Comanche County, Texas. Of course at that time, she was simply referred to as “the courthouse.” Today, this historic building rests under the Fleming Oak on the southwest corner of the courthouse square.

Be sure to stop in and pay your respects during your stay in Comanche. Feel free to open the doors and imagine just how close the quarters really were once a judge, jury, etc. gathered for that first trial held in the little courthouse. What a great photo op!

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