Comanche, Texas: Round Mountain



The verdict is still out on whether Round Mountain is more infamous than famous or vice versa. However, there is no doubt that this “mountain,” located west of the town of Comanche, Texas on Highway 1689, played a vital role in the history of the county.

There seems to be some evidence to support the persistent rumors that notorious outlaws such as Quantrill used the mountain as a hideout during the Civil War and years immediately following when things became to hot  for them elsewhere.

In May of 1874, John Wesley Hardin killed Brown County Deputy Charles Webb in Comanche. Believing Hardin killed in self-defense, Comanche County Sheriff John Carnes sent Hardin, Jim Taylor, and two of Hardin’s cousins to hide out on Round Mountain until things in town “cooled down.”

On Christmas Eve of 1874, fifteen-year-old Robert Thomas Hill walked into the town of Comanche. From that inconspicuous beginning, young Robert became fascinated with his geological finds on Round Mountain. Robert went on to become Dr. Hill, the father of geology in Texas. When he passed away in the 1940’s, his wishes were carried out and his ashes were strewn over the mountain.

During the late nineteenth century through the mid-twentieth century, the county’s mountain became a popular picnic and hiking spot for the locals. Climbers today will find many, many names and dates carved into rock and ledges near the top of the mountain.

Today, Round Mountain is privately owned by Richard Pinkard, a descendant of the Pinkard family, early Comanche County settlers. Visitors avid to see the mountain up close and personal are free to contact We can’t promise that we can set up a visit for you, but people are at times allowed to climb the mountain. We would suggest, however, that you leave it to the rattlers in warm months!

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