• Comanche To Celebrate Veterans Day This Friday Morning

     Mark your calendars for this Friday morning at 9:45 where the place to be is the Comanche High School gym where yet another wonderful celebration of American veterans has been planned to make you even prouder of this country and those who defend her.

    Below you will find the the schedule for the not to be missed program.

    Veterans Day At Comanche High School
    November 11th, 2012 (Observed November 9th)

    Veterans and Guests Reception Comanche High School Commons: Student Council under direction of Ms. Lisa Sierra (9:00 a.m.)

    Seating of Special Guests including members of the
    Comanche Voluntary Fire Department, Comanche Law Enforcement, County Judge, County Commissioners, and City Council

    Introduction and Seating of Veterans by Student Leaders From Comanche High School and H.R. Jefferies Junior High

    Posting of The Colors: Boy Scout Troop 67

    National Anthem: Audrey Montgomery and Matthew Till

    Pledge of Allegiance/Moment of Silence: Jaden Pyburn, Annual Staff Representative

    Welcome: April Stone, Student Council President
    Recognition of Wives and Children of Veterans: Cinnamon Kiser, Key Club

    Introduction of Law Enforcement: Blake Denning, Football Captain

    Introduction of Volunteer Firefighters: Salvador Marquez, Football Captain

    Introduction of City Council: Jaylon Roberts, Football Captain

    County Commissioners: Caisson Montieth, Football Captain

    Introduction of School Board: Dilon Bhakta

    Branches of Service Medley Kay Quast Jefferies Middle School Teacher

    Story of Travelin’ Soldier: Claudia Sanchez, CHS Head Cheerleader

    “Travelin’ Soldier Singer: Carolina Ibarra and Musicians Salvador Sanchez and Zac Christian

    Story of More Than A Name On A Wall: John Whiteside, President Skills USA President

    More Than A Name On A Wall: Marshall Wirtz, Junior CECA Leadership Representative

    Story of My America: Kelsey Hansmire

    My America: Junior High Choir

    Introduction of Speaker: Saul Lopez, CECA Leadership Representative

    Veterans Day Speech: Marvin McKinnon, Community Leader

    Story of Ballad Of The Green Beret: Bryson Brawley, Senior Class President

    Ballad Of The Green Beret:  Judson Woodley, 1996 Graduate and Member Woodley Dudley Law Firm

    Story of American Heart:  Basty Herrera, Junior CECA Leadership Representative

    American Heart: Taylor Paine, Junior CECA Leadership Representative and FCCLA President

    Closing Comments and Recognition: Mr. Ronnie Clifton, Mayor of Comanche

    Story Of Amazing Grace: Ricardo Pina, Vice-President FHLA

    Amazing Grace: Guitar Class

    Story Of TAPS: Tyler Paine, FFA President

    Taps: Andrew Volleman, CHS Junior

    Veterans Exit, Mrs. Reedy will provide music

    Many Thanks to the following teachers: Mrs.Sierra (Student Council/Reception), Mrs. Franco (Technology), Mrs. Reedy (Music), Myra Benedict (Junior High Music)

    Special Thanks:

    Scott Carlisle – Principal Comanche High School
    Mary Jane McPherren – Principal H.R. Jefferies Junior High

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