• Comanche Transloading – What Is It?


    “What in the heck is a transloading business?” is the question I get 100% of the time when I mention Comanche Transloading. I can’t say that I blame them since there was a time when I would have had to ask the same question! The fact is, however, that Comanche Transloading is a shipping company of sorts in the town of Comanche, Texas.

    With a transloader, products can be moved from rail to truck or from truck to rail.

    With a transloader, products can be moved from rail to truck or from truck to rail.

    Products used every day in this country (lumber, feed, dairy commodities, etc.) and even sand when the oil business is booming, have to be shipped from one point to another and sometimes, these products are shipped via more than one mode of transportation. When that is the case, a transloading company and its transloader are required.

    Truckers wait to get loaded and on their way.

    Truckers wait to get weighed, loaded, or unloaded, and on their way.

    So why would a product need to be shipped by more than one mode?  Money. Whoever pays the shipping has to get his product from point A to point B and save as much money as possible in the process.

    Of course, some of the products shipped into Comanche and Comanche Transloading remain in Comanche. Those products are simply unloaded onto the trucks and trailers of their new owners. And it all happens right on the spot where once stood the old peanut and fertilizer plants. Who knew?    :)

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