• Coping With Permanent Labyrinthitis, Day 56



    Today has been a rough one. I don’t really know how to explain it because I haven’t fallen, but I’ve just felt rotten. I had been feeling fairly well sitting up this past week, but today I have been terribly dizzy no matter what I do.

    I have noticed that when I get out one day, I feel really rotten the next so it may be that. Last night Rickey and I went to the grocery story, and even though I can lean into a basket for support, those large buildings just are really, really disorienting to me.

    I keep thinking that we will get out every evening and let me try to walk around the block using a walker, but it has been awfully chilly so I’ve wimped out of it. My thought is that maybe if I make myself get out and into large spaces (like the horizon, which I still can’t look at easily) my body will start adjusting.

    Today, for the first time, I’ve also had a buzzing (not constantly) in my left ear. That has not happened before, and I think I will call the doctor tomorrow to ask about it. At first, I thought it might be a good sign, but as badly as I feel, I’m not sure of that at all.

    Since I seem to be whining and I don’t see any progres since my last blog, I think that I will close for today. My plan is to be in Johns Hopkins in Baltimore in the next couple of months. I have no doubt of the diagnosis, but since I have now lost a vocal cord and this balance center to either virus, bacteria, or stress, I want the best in the world to see if they can figure out how to stop the progression…if there is one…and JH is supposed to be the best in the world in this field.

    Hopefully, something good to report next time!

    If you are suffering with the same thing or have suffered in the past and don’t want a public forum, I’d really like for you to email fredda@texansunited.com and let me hear your own story.


    Okay, after complaining so much yesterday I feel a lot better today. About 2:00 this morning my left ear began a clicking noise that lasted about an hour, but I have not heard/felt it since.

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