• Could You Have Adult ADD? Recognizing Symptoms

    For years now we’ve all been trained to have at least a semi-understanding of some of the signs to look for when accessing whether a child could have ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADHD, the H representing the word hyperactive. However, I think we’ve all been slow to accept the fact that ADD affects adults as well.

    The subject has become especially interesting to me since having a friend diagnosed with Adult ADD and seeing firsthand the difference medication can make.

    The following information comes from Newportnaturalhealth.com and Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.


    Individuals with ADD may become depressed and/or anxious over their seeming inability to accomplish things, setting the stage for new symptoms and complications. And many people don’t even realize they have symptoms of ADD.

    Symptoms of ADHD and ADD

    •Trouble concentrating, especially when reading
    •Being easily distracted
    •Disorganization and procrastination
    •Addictive behavior (e.g., drugs, drinking, gambling, overeating, excessive shopping)
    •Anxiety, depression, mood swings
    •Impulsive and risky behavior, including reckless driving
    •Low self-esteem
    •Inability to finish projects, lacking motivation
    •Forgetfulness, chronic lateness
    •Being short-tempered, inability to tolerate frustration

    If you believe that you might have the symptoms of Adult ADD or ADHD, the following link provides a quick adult ADHD screening test.

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    One Response to Could You Have Adult ADD? Recognizing Symptoms

    1. Dawson Hicks says:


      It should be noted that people like myself who have been professionally diagnosed as having Adult ADHD still struggle because we see that many doctors just decide to take the easy route and medicate their patients. Now, when I was diagnosed I went through just over six hours of advanced testing at a Clinic that specialized in just ADD/ADHD and had and still has a team of doctors that were focused on just that field of study. This was to ensure that the real problem was just that and not someone who was just looking to be prescribed medication that he or she did not need. I still see a Specialist that has a focused practice on this disease but, also she is also highly trained and her list of credentials are longer than most. Why? Because with ADD/ADHD it is always better to seek professional advice from a Doctor who specializes in the disease itself rather than a regular doctor who finds it easier to medicate a problem rather than treating the disease itself. When harnessed it can be a great tool to use to ones advantage. But, we see again people abusing the medication because all doctors can prescribe medication for a disease many doctors have not the expertise or training to treat. Medication is only part of the treatment there are diet, exercise and many other ways that supplement any medical treatment or medication taken to help with the disease.

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