Crystal Clark ~ Fan Of The Week

I’m so dumb I could throw myself on the ground and miss!!! Duh!! Here at Texas Music Chat, my job is to connect the bands to the fans.  It only seems natural fan 2I would start high lighting a fan of the week.  With this new beginning the only person that I know that could possibly rule the roost, and be my very first fan of the week would be Crystal Clark.

Crystal Clark is 30 years old and lives in Brownwood, Tx but you wouldn’t know that because she travels all over Texas just to see her very favorite Texas Musicians. Doesn’t matter where the party is, she is going to be there. The wild thing is, the bands expect her to be there or you could say, they KNOW she will be there cheering them on and helping to get the party started.  Many of the bands tweet, facebook and instagram thank you’s to Crystal for her support.  2015-05-21 19.52.05

Big thumbs up to Casey Donahew for converting this little lady into the fan she is.  It’s true!! Ten years ago Crystal was a RAP loving fan but was invited to attend a Casey Donahew show and that’s all it took. I asked Crystal what it was about Texas Music that drew her in and she simply stated, ” The people are nice and its simply just good music that has meaning behind it.”

Crystal has a huge collection of over 60 Texas band tshirts, two full boxes of koozies (that’s not including the one’s she lost) and hundreds of guitar pics.  With the items she has collected over the years, she has turned her bedroom into a Texas Music Sanctuary. Crystal only listens to stations that air Texas Music. When the radio isn’t picking up a good Texas Music Station, she is bumping Texas Music with the hundreds of CD’s she has collected over the years.  Right now in her CD player is Dalton Domino.

I just want to shout out a huge thank you to Crystal. Fans like you keep bands and me employed!!! I say this for everyone, WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!!!

Love Peace and Bacon Grease Ya’ll ~ Sonya

Callahan DivideCrystal and friend with the great Callahan Divide

luke wadeCrystal with Luke Wade and band

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