• Crystal Harris Has Lost 70 Pounds, A Message Of Hope

    284 Pounds

    284 Pounds

    Crystal Harris is a weight loss success story, but that hasn’t always been the case…not at all.

    “I gained weight gradually, not really from any one thing, just gaining weight.”

    I tried to blame it on baby weight, the weight that comes from having children, but that wasn’t it since Crystal and Jimmy didn’t even have children until they had been married for a decade, and the weight had already started by that time.

    “I finally reached 284 pounds, and that was my first turning point. Not knowing what else to do, I had gastric bypass surgery. I lost down to 179 pounds, and then I fell back into bad habits and the weight began to come back.”

    I suppose I didn’t really know that was possible since I thought the bypass meant that she should not have been able to eat more than just tiny amounts of food, but Crystal explained that the stomach will stretch again after surgery…if one continues to eat large amounts of food.

    Down To 243 Pounds

    Down To 243 Pounds

    “I didn’t have a support system back then, and I had no plan. My hair was falling out, and I had a B12 deficiency and extreme, extreme exhaustion. I also had a horrible immune system, and I was sick all the time.

    “I had gained back up to 243 pounds when I decided, ‘This is it. I can’t do this anymore!’ I knew I wanted to be around for my children and grandchildren, and I didn’t want them to go down the road I did.”

    “In 2012, I was looking for some type of a support system.”

    Not knowing what else to do, Crystal decided to create her own support system, which she did via a Facebook post.

    “I created a group called the Comanche conquerors.”

    At my questioning look, she went on to explain, “Conquering yourself through faith. A group of about 15-20 people joined the group, met at the park, took pictures of themselves, and set up the rules for the group. They discussed healthier choices and recipes.

    Crystal At 170 Pounds!

    Crystal At 170 Pounds!

    “We paid dues, and created a weight-loss challenge that ran for the next three months. Whoever lost the most weight would win the challenge and the money. Believe it or not, it was Ruth Tippie who won that first challenge!

    That challenge ended in June and by the end of July, Tippie had found Herbalife.

    “My sister was my diet buddy. Ruth told her Herbalife, and she told me. I said NO in a hurry. I thought taking Herbalife meant that I could not eat, and I was going to eat! At that time I thought Herbalife was like Slimfast. When I finally realized that I can eat and still lose weight, then and only then, did I become interested.”

    So how did she make it work for her? With an individualized plan, built just for her. Based on her height and weight, Crystal has a daily meal plan and she know how much she needs. This week that means 125 grams of protein and 1,400 calories per day.

    1. A shake within the first hour of awaking

    2. Three hours later a snack (a protein and a carb)

    3. Three hours later another shake or a meal…again, according to her meal plan.

    4. Three hours later a snack (a protein and a carb)

    5. Three hours later dinner or a shake, according to what she does for lunch

    6. Some type of protein before bed

    7. Crystal also takes individualized supplementation.

    “I started Herbalife on August 28, 2011, and I was a skeptic. I started with the shakes and tea, and I wasn’t going to take a thing [supplements]! I documented myself just like I did my patients when I was a nurse…everything that went in my mouth…how I felt…. etc.

    Before and After

    Before and After

    “Three years later, I have broken the yo yo cycle, and I’ve maintained a 70 pound loss. My hair no longer falls out, and I have more energy. I just now need to increase my activity.”

    As of today, Crystal Harris has lost 70 pounds. She weighs weekly because according to her weight, her calorie and protein consumption changes. Her calories will never, however, drop below 1,300 daily calories.

    “I weigh every Thursday. We also check my body fat and muscle percentage every six weeks. My goal is to lose another 30 pounds, but I also have to get in the gym because I want to be more fit as well.”

    Before we finished, I asked for something, words of wisdom, that I could pass along to those of you who want to lose weight.

    “Find your why. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to be healthier? Why do you want to change? And it has to make you cry.”

    Make you cry?

    “Yes, it has to be something that important to you to make you make the change. For me it was my kids. I decided to make a change for my children because I want to be a part of their lives for a very long time.”

    For Crystal, it’s about products and support system. Although she now coaches others on their weight-loss journey, she continues to have a coach herself.

    “We all need to stay accountable, and we all need a support system. I never dreamed getting healthy could be so fun. “


    Here at United, we do not promote one weight loss method over another; however, since weight is a problem for so many of us, we know that most readers are interested in seeing what works for someone else.

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