Customer Service At Frontier Tire, A Personal Story

Each  month, I remind you about the great service customers receive at Frontier Tire in Comanche, Texas. Today, however, I want to tell you my own personal story.

You know how it is. Nothing ever goes wrong when you have time for it to go wrong. Ric and I had a flight to catch and, of course, we were running late as we tried to get out of town. In the middle of it all, my low tire alarm alerted.

Blandon Gore, owner Frontier Tire

Blandon Gore, owner Frontier Tire

When I pulled into Frontier Tire, owner Blandon Gore sprinted to meet me. Within minutes, he had my tire off, had  diagnosed the problem (which was much more extensive than just a low tire), and was offering every possible solution…from taking me home to storing my vehicle while we were gone…so that we could get ourselves back on schedule.

As it turned out, we decided to let Blandon and Mary Ann babysit my vehicle for a week and, of course, when we returned from Boston, there it was…ready to go and as good as new. That’s small town customer service, folks. We all know each others, know our customers, and we take care of each other, plain and simple!

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One Response to Customer Service At Frontier Tire, A Personal Story

  1. Missy Jones says:

    Blandon and Mary Ann Gore take good care of me at Frontier Tire. I told Blandon some funny stories about his dad, Jack Gore who was a senior alongside me at Comanche High School. Things that only I would know. I love remembering all of that. I appreciate being able to call on them at Frontier Tire any time I need to. I know that they will do the best work and take care of me and my tires.

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