• Daythan Davis, Aledo, Signs With Southern Miss

    This week Dave Campbell, our "Bible" for football, surprised us by choosing Daythan as #9 in the top 10 Texas recruits.

    This week Dave Campbell, our “Bible” for football, surprised us by choosing Daythan as #9 in the top 10 Texas recruits. (Photo by Diana Porter)

    For the past 40 plus years, I’ve been the only person in the family to have bragging rights to a national title, something that as an old woman I’ve reminded this family full of athletes of many, many times. That and my hot chocolate recipe are my only claims to fame, and I shamelessly hold both over the heads of a sea of young men (and a couple of girls) who think they are pretty tough.

    Oh…we’ve had a few compete on the national level, but none brought home the gold…until this past football season when the Aledo Bearcats became the all-time leading offense in the nation. My nephew, Daythan Davis, was a part of that huge feat, racking up 15 of the TDs that helped to defeat the old record.

    Today, Daythan surprised us all by signing with Southern Miss and deciding against the Air Force offer that I expected him to take, thus trading his Aledo orange for the Mississippi black and gold. Obviously, I wanted to know why the change!

    Southern Miss 2014 Football Schedule

    Southern Miss 2014 Football Schedule

    “It was the football that made the decision for me. After visiting with the coaches at Southern Miss, I felt like I would be a bigger part of their offense than I would have been at Air Force or Navy where I would have been more one dimensional. As you know, I played offense for years and then switched to defense during my high school years at Aledo. My senior year was my first year back to offense, and I’m really excited about the chance Southern Miss has offered me.”

    At 6’1″ 235 pounds, Daythan was recruited as an H back for the Southern Miss Golden Eagles.  In a live feed interview, Coach John Wozniak, H back and inside receiver coach, said today that Daythan was a great addition to the program because of his versatility.

    “He’s the type of kid that is hard to find…big enough to block and agile enough to run, with good hands that can catch the ball.”

    In addition to Air Force and Navy, Dathan turned down offers from Cornell, UTSA, Sam Houston, and several others in favor of Mississippi.  He is the third Davis son to follow the pigskin out of Texas, joining big brothers Devin and Dayne into the world of collegiate football, and this has definitely given him an advantage.

    He’s seen how “the game” is played, so to speak. He’s also seen that size matters…big time! Having had a chance to watch just  how true this is firsthand, Daythan has worked very, very hard on his weight, strength, and conditioning. Aledo is not a school  who sends a lot of men into Texas D1 programs, something that on first look seems a little strange for a school that holds four of the last five state titles and has some very talented players. However, the Bearcats are a team that tends to win its games with its brains, not its brawn, and most players simply aren’t all that big. (Obviously, there are exceptions to any rule, with Aledo’s J Gray being one of the most notable!)

    So what’s next for the brand new Golden Eagle?

    “I just plan on working hard the rest of this spring so that when I report (early June), I’ll be in as good of shape as possible to begin my collegiate career. I will not be red shirting.”

    And if you don’t know the next boy in line at the Davis house, Dillon’s story is well worth the read. It might just be the most amazing story you will ever read!

    Aledo's Coach Tim Buchanan, Debbie, Daythan, David, and Dillon

    Aledo’s Coach Tim Buchanan, Debbie, Daythan, David, and Dillon

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