• Did The Holocaust Really Happen?

    From Jewishvirtuallibrary.org

    It is the follower, the one easily led by corrupt leaders, who would have the audacity to ask this question, the ignorant in the truest sense of the word, I suppose.

    It was my nine-year-old grandchildren who first brought the word to me a couple of years ago, not as a question but as a statement. Apparently someone had taken the time to teach a unit on Hitler well enough that these very young children did not plan on forgetting it any time soon. In fact, they knew things that I had forgotten, and their comments reminded me of “the photos” and my father-in-law, Bob Jones, and just what he had seen in those concentration camps.

    As the twins continued to talk about all they knew about the war and about Hitler, I began to wonder if I should show them the very graphic photos brought back by my dear father-in-law when he returned stateside after World War II. They are photos that bother me, and I was very afraid that they would bother my grandchildren. However, the more they talked, the more I realized that they were totally aware of just what Hitler and his army of demons had done to innocent men, women, and children.

    I also know that history must be taught so that those who come later will not repeat the sins of the fathers so I told the kids about the photos, and I warned them that they were photos that might scare them. Of course, they insisted on seeing them, and I chose two of the least offensive ones for them to view.

    The two I showed are below. I can’t look at them without wanting to sit down and cry for two reasons: One because this horrible, horrible thing could have happened, and two because we have become a nation that tries to hide the bad, the ugly from our history and from our children.

    I warn you…these will break your heart for all concerned. I can’t imagine being a surviving family member, and I can’t imagine being an American soldier as my father-in-law was in this camp.

    May God bless the families who have lived with this horror for all of these years.

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    2 Responses to Did The Holocaust Really Happen?

    1. Ryan Huett says:

      One of the darkest times in world history. The saddest part is that it set off a chain reaction between many nations that ended with many other horrible events. http://www.fogonazos.es/2007/02/hiroshima-pictures-they-didnt-want-us_05.html

    2. carin says:

      How refreshing it is to see the truth being said about this horrible chapter in history. those who insist it did not happen will be partially to blame when it happens again. Only by knowing the truth in history can we avoid repeating it. Your Grandchildren are blessed to have you there to witness the truth to them. The photos are awful, but will never begin to share the pain felt by so many…..

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