Dingler Board Church School Early 1900s

DINGLER SCHOOL SARAH IVA DAVIS 2ND FROM LEFT BACK, OMA MAE LAST RIGHT IN MIDDLEI only know two of the students in this photo from the Dingler (Board Church) school. Both are daughters of Thomas (1862-1934) and Sarah Jane McConnell Davis (1866-1939). If you can help identify any of these long ago students, please answer in the comment boxes below.


Sarah Iva Davis (1899-1952) is the 2nd from the left on the back row. Oma Mae Davis (1907-1971) is standing in the middle row, the last person on the right. Other than that, I am lost.

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  1. Trixie L Thompson-Gibbons says:

    My Grandparents {Jerry Thompson +Maniry McInnish-Thompson} went to Texas and died there. I have a letter from My Grandfathers brother {Samuel Thompson In Texas} written back to Alabama where they came from. He was making arrangements for Jerry and Maniry’s children. {Louise 9, William 6-My Dad, +Daniel 4} they were eventually sent back to Alabama and lived with Maniry’s sister Susan, to their adulthood. I have the 3 children in the 1900 census with Samuel and his wife, Frances ‘Fannie’ Thomas-Thompson. The DINGLER post office is mentioned. I wonder if you might know anything about the McInnish’s or Thompson’s in the area at that time.?
    Other info identifies them as having lived in Heidenhiemer, Texas. And The youngest son Daniel is reported to have been born in Rosebud, Texas. I am hunting a grave or at least a site of burial for any of the family. Thank you for any information.

    I have a letter that was written in February 1900 and mailed from Rosebud Texas by Samuel Thompson
    it states .
    You wanted to know whether I would let you have the children or not I don’t see how Jean as he requested me not to a few minutes before he died in the presence of Dr. Bailey. I wrote you a letter two weeks ago today and brought it to Buck Mcinnish Dingler post office so I will not write you much more now hoping that you got the other letter I would like you to write to Dr. Bailey Rosebud to see if I am not correct on the request that my brother made. I would also like you to write J. M. Martin.
    You wanted to know how closed Jerry was buried to where Huey was buried it is about 50 miles.
    It will cost me nothing but to buy the books to send the children to school. We only live two or 2 1/2 miles from Rosebud it is a railroad town. You wanted to know how far it was from where Jerry was buried to were Manery was buried it is about 150 miles you wanted to know whether I had disposed of the mules and wagon or not I have not I am aiming to work them in order to support the children. I had not thought of taking them away from the children. In fact I have to go according to law Texas watches close over orphand children.

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