• DIY Household Cleaner & Soap Scum Remover

    You can lessen the price of this cleaner by using an off-brand white vinegar.

    You can lessen the price of this cleaner by using an off-brand white vinegar.

    I REALLY like this cleaner!

    It’s not that it is so much better than what I can buy on the market, but it is just as good and it does not overwhelm me with toxic fumes that can be so dangerous, especially in small quarters like a shower.

    I can’t tell you that this DIY product will save you a ton of money like our homemade air freshener/linen spray will because Dawn is not cheap, but it is a little less expensive than a lot of brands and I do think you need to give it a try to just see if you don’t really like it.

    It will take you about five minutes to make, and it will last as long as any name brand product will.


    12 Ounces White Vinegar
    12 Ounces Dawn
    Obviously, as long as you use a 1-1 ratio, you can make any amount of this cleaner.


    1. Heat vinegar in microwave for about 1 minute…just until hot.
    2. Put vinegar into spray bottle.
    3. Add Dawn to vinegar and shake.

    And you are ready to clean! :)



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