• DIY – How To Grow a Home Pineapple Plant

    I love plants. Problem is I don’t have a green thumb. I could probably grow nice plants if I stayed home long enough to take care of them, but staying home isn’t an option for me. How excited was I when I found out I could grow a pineapple with little to no attention. It doesn’t take a lot of skill but does take a little patience. It was easy and is the most complimented home plant I have. With these simple instructions you to can have this beautiful plant and fool your friends into believing you have a green thumb.

    Step 1: Go to the grocery and buy a pineapple. Get one with a green top with no bruising or soft spots.

    Step 2: Cut the top from your pineapple. This will be your plant starter.


    Twist the fruit part off the leaves exposing nothing but the crown. Pull off the bottom leaves until you expose tiny roots.

    Pineapple -0

    Step 3:  Submerge the crown in water but don’t let the water touch the leaves. Set in a sunny window payne.  Make sure to change the water every 3 days.  In two weeks you will see long roots.

    Pineapple 1

    Step 4:  Plant in potting soil and water the plant by pouring the water on top of the leaves. Keep in a bright sunny spot at least 60% of the day.  I just left mine on the deck in the same spot. Do not over water the plant.  Pineapples are a tropical plant and are use to the heat.  I only watered mine when the soil was completely dry.

    If you want a huge plant, in the beginning plant in a huge pot.  I ended up replanting several times.  If you want it to actually produce a fruit, it can take up to 2 or 3 years.  While you are waiting, just enjoy the beauty.

    In Texas this plant grows great! It soaks up the sun. There are those few months that are cold, but I just brought in the house and set in a sunny spot.

    Pineapple 26 weeks after planting

    pineapple 1-217 weeks after planting

    Pineapple 3This is today at 37 weeks

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