• DIY Way To Revive Your Towels


    Let’s face it. Things are expensive, and our towels are no different. I’m amazed every single time I buy new at just how much money it costs to replace the old ones. It seems to me that the continual washing with heavy soaps and softeners along with the chemicals they contain tend to really weigh on my towels.

    I’ve actually found that this little trick seems to keep my towels looking better longer because it removes that invisible residue that soaps, etc. leave behind each time I wash. It takes a bit of extra time (enough to wash twice), but I probably only do this once every few months.*

    So, what do you do?

    Simply load your towels in the washer, add a cup of vinegar, and wash in hot water. When the load is complete, add 1/2 of a cup of baking soda and wash in hot water once again.

    The towels are fresh, and the vinegar and the soda “lift” the residue right out. They smell like towels on the line used to smell, and they have none of the fragrances in them that many of us are allergic to anyway.

    *I can’t say this for sure yet, but I’m experimenting, and I THINK this method once per month may be going to help some very bad allergies…we shall see! I also want to be sure you understand that your towels will not carry any of the lovely scents to which we have all gotten used. You may miss those synthetic scents!


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