• Do Our Young People Care About Politics?

    A couple of months ago I had the idea of having several people sit down with me and explain exactly why they believe (politically) as they do. It may be a crazy idea, but my thought is that only then can we begin to really understand each other. Only one person took me up on the idea, and the following is my interview with Kameron Mazurek.

    Kameron Mazurek is twenty-three years old, a Comanche County native who did his undergrad work in accounting at Texas Tech. He also received his Masters Degree in audit and financial reporting in Red Raider land and has applied to law school. Of course, he does not yet know where he will be accepted. Today, he is studying for his CPA.

    With so much going on in his life I just had to ask, “How in the heck did you get so political?”

    “I have always been interested in politics. When I was about ten years old, I started asking for Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly books, probably because of my grandfather, Tommy Mazurek, as well as my parents.”

    Are you kidding me? Ten years old and reading Bill O’Reilly? That’s what he said!

    “Then, when I was about junior high age, I started reading Andrew Napolitano and at that point in time was a Constitutionalist….but reading the judge, I started to read the actual Constitution and see that just because something was found there did not necessarily make it right.

    “For instance, I think that including prohibition in the Constitution was not right. If you consider the theory of Natural Law, which I do, then just because something is a law does not mean that citizens should be subject to it. The way I view it, Natural Law always comes down on the side of more freedom so even if something is in the Constitution but it limits freedom, then it should not be there.”

    Of course, my next thought was, “But we are not governed by Natural Law in this country…,” knowing exactly what corner this brilliant young man would turn.

    “Well, we were governed by Natural Law at one time. Over 150 years ago, Natural Law was the accepted view of governing because it was understood that the Constitution was put in place to limit the government, not to limit personal freedoms. That was the main purpose in the writing of the Constitution…to limit government and to keep it off of our backs.

    “Lincoln was the first to do the most to destroy the purpose of the Constitution, followed by Hoover and FDR. The whole premise of the Declaration is that when we view the government as too tyrannical, we have the God given right to break away…Natural Law, remember?”

    Now, I must admit that by this point in our conversation I was wishing that I was still teaching brilliant young minds, and I could not wait to discover if Kameron really knew Lincoln.

    “Explain to me exactly what you believe Lincoln did to destroy the Constitution. I thought he was the President that everyone loves.”

    The following are the points made by Kameron.

    1. It was illegal for Lincoln to send troops to invade the South.
    2. Seven hundred thousand people died so that he could keep the Union.
    3. The invasion had nothing to do with slavery.
    4. Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus for everyone.
    5. Lincoln shut down several news papers who disagreed with him, and then jailed and deported Ohio congressman Clement L. Vallandigham only because he disagreed with him about imposing the income tax. Lincoln also imprisoned many people without trial, including the grandson of Francis Scott Key.
    6. The whole view that he freed slaves is wrong.
    7. The South was a foreign country, and Lincoln set the precedent that we have the right to tell a foreign country what to do. What if France decided to invade us just because we don’t have polygamy or gay marriage?

    My next question: “So, bottom line is that you believe that Lincoln started downslide of where we are today, right?”

    “That’s right, and then came Hoover. Most don’t realize that he did the same things that FDR did; he bailed out financial institutions and raised interest rates just as did FDR, causing the depression to worsen. Hoover just worked quietly while FDR worked loudly.

    “No one talks about the depression of 1920, but Harding did nothing, and the market bounced back on its on. Hoover and FDR interfered and you see what happened.

    “The only thing the government has ever been successful at is Hoover Dam, and it made money so they had to get out of it!”

    I realize some of (okay most of) Kameron’s thoughts aren’t taught in public schools today, but it is this school of thought along with his religious beliefs that have brought him to where he is today. And yes, I asked him straight out just where that is!

    “The best way to describe me is a prolife libertarian who views both the government and society as being ruled by Natural Law.

    “Natural Law is your God given right….the right that allows you to do what you please as long as no one is harmed in any way, material, physical etc…

    “Basically, I believe in a lawless society except when that lawlessness would harm someone in any way. We all are born with a free will, and we have the right to exercise that will.

    “BUT… that doesn’t mean I think everything is right. Obviously, as God’s children we have God’s law to follow, but that does not take away from the fact that we each have a free will and the right to choose or not choose to follow God.”

    So….after I took a deep breath, I asked for a summation. If Kameron Mazurek were in charge of the world, what would our world that is America look like?

    “Basically, I’d keep the Constitution and first ten amendments in place and use them as the guide for Natural Law. That would be where the government’s limits are. It would not be able to impose any more laws upon us, and the only change it could make would be to allow more freedom…never less.

    Foreign Policy- “I think the idea is that we should not attack anyone unprovoked. I don’t think we should have gone into Iraq; .the only time we attack is in self-defense. We attacked Iraq first. Killing others before we get killed is immoral and shouldn’t happen.”

    Immigration- “God doesn’t make borders…man does. I blame the government for handing out the freebies to the illegals, but I don’t blame the illegals. Who wouldn’t take money handed to them?”

    Social Services- “I don’t believe in social services at all, at least not by the government. I’m all about charity because that is completely volunteer, and it is always better run by the people than by the government. The people will always run a tighter ship and see that money gets where it is supposed to go. All the governments social services do is raise the price and allow fraud.

    “Controls on charity are great because when the people find fraud, it’s gone. When government finds fraud, it adds more money to it! If you take away the government’s involvement in social services, the people will help, just like they used to sixty years ago.”

    And you thought all young people spent their time thinking about what?

    I have to tell you that this may have just been the most interesting interview I have ever done. If we could all sit down and map out exactly what we believe and why, we just might find that we aren’t at all who we thought we were…given enough thought!

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