• Do You Know What’s In Your Child’s Textbooks?

    If you are like most parents, you have no idea exactly what information it is that makes it into your child’s textbooks, right? In fact, I would be willing to bet that you just assume that whatever you studied when you were in a history class (for example) is exactly what your child is studying in his. I mean, after all, history is history isn’t it?

    Well…not exactly.

    The last year that I taught school, I was in the middle of teaching the Constitution and the events leading up to its signing as well as having some fun with Paul Revere and that famous or infamous ride when the news broke that Texas was considering removing all mention of Paul Revere from its textbooks in order to make room for Oprah.

    Needless to say my kiddos were irate, but it gave me a great chance to teach a life lesson about just how the world of education and textbooks actually work. I was reminded of this today when Dennis Marken sent me the following video. It is very, very short, but it will give you the perfect glimpse of how information goes into and comes out of the textbooks students across the nation study.

    Because Texas and California purchase more textbooks than any other state they, for the most part, run the show. It will take you one minute to take a look at the process in this video if you are not already familiar with it. I hope you will take a moment to think about exactly what you would like to see your child learn.

    Some Things To Think About

    1. Do you believe Creation should be taught as a theory or a fact in science class?
    2. Should Evolution be taught  as a theory or a fact?
    3. What about Big Bang?
    4. Do you want your child’s reader to portray only the typical Mom and Dad?
    5. Would you like readers to include same-sex couples?
    6. Had you rather your child study Oprah or Paul Revere?
    7. Should teachers omit Constitutional references to the Creator or Higher Power?

    And are you beginning to get a glimpse of just how important it is that you know something about the people making the decisions that will affect your child for the rest of his life? Do you even know exactly how it is that these people came to be in the cutting room? I think you will find this video very, very interesting.

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