• Does ANY Politician REALLY Want To Cut The Budget?

    from Jamieumbc.com

    from Jamieumbc.com

    It took a Facebook post to remind me that this article is well worth reading every few weeks to remind ourselves that we have elected people to choke the very life from us. Doesn’t sound extremely bright, does it? But that is exactly what we have done.

    The following is a portion of an article written by Charley Reese, a career journalist on March 7, 1995, in the Orlando Sentinel.  If you will google it, you will find that I have attriuted it correctly….after you wade through all of what Reese calls the Frankenstein replicas of his article. I believe you will find that the content is as current as if it were written today.

    Looking For Someone To Blame?
    Congress Is A Good Place To Start

    Politicians, as I have often said, are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

    Everything on the Republican contract is a problem created by Congress. Too much bureaucracy? Blame Congress. Too many rules?

    Blame Congress. Unjust tax laws? Congress wrote them.

    Out-of-control bureaucracy? Congress authorizes everything bureaucracies do. Americans dying in Third World rat holes on stupid U.N. missions? Congress allows it. The annual deficits?

    Congress votes for them. The $4 trillion plus debt? Congress created it.

    To put it into perspective just remember that 100 percent of the power of the federal government comes from the U.S. Constitution. If  it’s not in the Constitution, it’s not authorized.

    Then read your Constitution. All 100 percent of the power of the federal government is invested solely in 545 individual human beings. That’s all. Of 260 million Americans, only 545 of them wield 100 percent of the power of the federal government…

    …don’t like the IRS? Go see Congress. You think the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agency is running amok? Go see Congress…..

    Congress is the originator of all government problems and is also the only remedy available…Anytime a congressman pretends to be outraged by something a federal bureaucrat does, he is in fact engaging in one big massive con job…

    …Both Democrats and Republicans mislead the public…

    …Don’t be conned. Don’t let them escape responsibility. We simply have to sort through 260 million people until we find 545 who will act responsibly.

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