• Does Vitamin D Also Help With Weight Loss?

    According to Dr. Marc Micozzi, it absolutely does!



    I recently posted an article about the importance of keeping enough Vitamin D in our systems. From preventing osteo to curing the flu, the sunshine vitamin continues to rise in importance as researchers learn more and more about it.

    Today, Dr. Marc Micozzi writes that Vitamin D is also linked to lower body weight, just another reason to be sure that we maintain proper levels!

    “Researchers found that low-cal dieters with higher calcium and vitamin D levels had a significantly greater loss of body fat. This included visceral fat in the abdomen…The researchers also discovered that subjects who took vitamin D for 12 weeks improved their body and visceral fat loss–even with low calcium intake.”

     As I’ve told you, I have to take a script of 50,000 IUs each week to maintain Vitamin D levels even though I also spend a lot of time in the sun. It might well be worth your time to have a simple blood test done to know just where your vitamin level registers.

    Another EXCELLENT article on Vitamin D…

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