• Dublin Lions Club Hosts 11th Annual 10-2-4 K Run

    The Dublin Lions Club once again is having its 11th Annual 10-2-4 K Run. Just like in the past, there will prizes and fun for all. The run will be held June 9th in conjunction with Dublin Bottling Works 121st Birthday Celebration, Alley Fest and the Dublin Area Reunion, so come to Dublin for a great day of FUN, FOOD AND DRINKS.

    Runners may pick up their packets between the hours of 5:00 and 7:00 pm Friday, June 8th behind Dublin City Hall. Runners may also register online at http://www.dublintxlions.com or http://www.dublintxlions.org or the day of the race.

    The day of the race the Lions Club will start registering runners about 5:00 am two hours prior to the race. The 10K and 4K runs will start at 7:00 am, and the 2K race will start between 9:30 and 10:00 am. The 10K will be a timed race. The 10K run is a USATF certified run, and the course is certified # TX02007JF.

    The cost per runner for the 10K and 4K is $25.00 per race; the 2K is $15.00. Runners who sign up after June 1st, the cost of the runs will be charged an additional $5.00 for late registration. For those who register early, the t-shirts will be guaranteed.
    This run will take the runners throughout the small city of Dublin. As the runners finish the race (Titan Fitness) a race sponsor will be providing showers for the runners. One MUST bring his/her own towels and soap.

    Proceeds from this run will go to support the activities of the Dublin Lions Club throughout the coming year. Just and example of a few things your Lions Club does. This year we will again be sending local children to Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville, Texas for one week at no cost.

    These children are physically challenged and some of the children who go to the camp are diabetic. The camp is staffed with well trained medical personal so parents need not worry about their child’s needs while attending camp.

    We also sponsor an Ice Cream Float party for over 450 children at the Lions Camp. We will be buying glasses for local children in need. Last year we took over 150 pictures of kindergartner and first graders eyes with a special camera that helps reveal undetected eye problems.

    In most cases with some correction and glasses, it allows the children to do much better in school. We have taken over 850 pictures and found problems with 15% of those children’s eyes and have referred them for professional eye care. We will continue support of other local activities for our children.

    Registration forms may be downloaded and completed and returned to

    Steve Hightower
    119 South Patrick St.
    Dublin, Texas 76446

    If you have any questions you may call David Cleveland at 254-445-3618 or Steve Hightower at 254-445-3824.- Tom Gordon

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    1. Hi. I’m trying to locate the results from the Dublin 10-2-4 so I can post them on my website. There are several DFW area runners who participate. If someone would either e-mail them to me or let me know where to find them on the internet, I would greatly appreciate it.
      Charles Clines

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