Dublin, Texas: 1923 Lane Home

Becky Norris is a former mayor of Dublin, Texas.  She is also extremely passionate about promoting her town. She also lives in an old house…all of which endear her to me and Texansunited.com.

Becky grew up in the house located at 711 North Grafton Street. Today, she has come full circle, living at 450 North Grafton Street in a home called a PROUD home: Preserve & Respect Our Unique Dublin. It is also a home in which she played as a young girl and although it took her some years to return to it, return she did, and the town of Dublin is much better because of it.

Becky Perrin lived in Dublin from 1966-1976. She graduated from Dublin High School, married Larry Norris, and then headed off for Texas A&M University where Larry was already a student.

After graduating from A&M, Larry was commissioned an officer in the U.S. Army corps of Engineers and the couple moved to Washington DC where they lived for three months before being sent to Germany for the next three years.

After leaving Germany, Becky and Larry moved back to DC for the next seven months and then to Ft Hood for some years before being transferred to Ft Polk, Louisiana.

Larry continued to stay in the service and eventually he and Becky moved to Minneapolis Minnesota, where he trained ROTC students.

Although Larry left the service in 1989, he and Becky and their family remained in Minnesota until returning to their roots in 2001.

In 2001, the couple was lucky enough to purchase the home where Becky had played as a child…the 1923 Lane home, located at 450 North Grafton Street.

Today Larry and Becky are fortunate to have their children in Texas with them.

Valerie Norris lives in San Antonio and Charlie and Samantha Norris live in Granbury and presented Larry and Becky with their first grandchild, Benjamin Gray Norris, in January of 2011.

With all of this in mind, I arrived at the Norris’ home while thinking about how amazing it is that Becky was able to move back to Dublin and into a home that was so tied into her childhood.

Before I had traveled the distance of the lovely brick sidewalk, I was chanting under my breath, “There was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile…” for obvious reasons.

You see, the brick on the Norris home is crooked…purposely crooked, just the way Mr. Lane (who believed anyone could have straight brick) wanted it.

Although they did not build the home, Lincoln and Katherine Lane were the first to live in it, moving into the newly completed structure in 1923. They bricked it in the 1940’s, and it was then that Lincoln decided to have a crooked brick home. He also decided that putting some of the rocks that he had spent years collecting onto the house with the brick would be a great way to display them.

By the time I actually arrived at the front door, the house and I were already great friends and I wasn’t at all surprised to hear the whispered “welcome” as I crossed the threshold. No, I’m not crazy; it’s just a fact that some old homes can speak when they recognize a kindred spirit, and Becky’s home is one of those.

I suppose that if I were to use one overall adjective to describe this lovely old home, welcoming would be the word that continuously comes to mind. Becky has done her best to keep the home as original to her childhood memories as possible, and since she and Larry are only the second owners of the home, this has been made much easier than usual.

It is a home that suits its owners, and I have a feeling that its owners suit it as well.

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  1. Mary Peacock says:

    Love this house! I took piano lessons from Mrs. Lane here and we lived in a rent house that belonged to the Lanes, just half a block down Grafton. This was in the mid and late 194o’s. Among my earliest memories !!

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