Dublin, Texas: How DID It Get Its Name?

Dublin, Texas started out like all of the old towns of Texas. Settlers moved in, found their plot of land, and began building their homes for their families. Normally, the towns were named after the first person that established them, but Dublin was a little different. Today, when asked how the town was named, you will probably get more than one answer.

It was in the year 1855 that the first settlers arrived on what is now called Resley Creek, and the O’Neal and Keith families were some of the first to take on the challenge of starting a new community.

The community grew despite the frequent Indian attacks. When the warning was signaled that Indians were in the area, the townspeople would call out “Double In.” The term referred to circling the wagons around to provide more protection against the attacks.

It was this need to Double In that sparked the idea for the town’s name, or so some say!

Mr. G.W. O’Neal consulted with his friend Mr. Bill Keith about the name saying, “Let us name it ‘Doubling’, and don’t let’s spell it as they do in Ireland.”

From that day through 1884, letters came through the post office addressed as Doubling.

There is a good chance that the name Dublin did actually come from the settlers need to Double In against the attacks of the Indians. However, there are many who will tell you that Dublin, Texas was named after the capitol of Ireland, Dublin.

It was said that Mr. C.M. O’Neal’s ancestors originated from Ireland, so when the name “Doubling” came about he was quick to relate it to the home town. Once the town had its name, O’Neal then began naming its streets with Irish names.

Then, there are historians who believe that the early town was named after a large stage coach stop called the Double Inn. The inn was named because of its “H shape.” This story is probably the most unbelievable of the three, but what do I know?

You be the judge!…Stephanie Keith

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